TataSky hikes HD access fee for all packs Pan India

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TataSky the leading DTH operator has hiked the HD access fee for all its packs on a Pan India scale. Different DTH operators have different policies about charging for HD content, some operators include the HD channels in the higher cost base packs, while some like TataSky include HD channels in all base packs even entry level one, but require the subscriber to pay an HD access fee to be able to view the HD channels which are a part of the base pack.


The monthly HD access fee price has been increased from Rs.125 to Rs.175, the semi annual pack price has been increased from Rs.750 to Rs.990 and the annual HD access fee price has been increased from Rs.1500 to Rs.1925.

The subscribers who have already paid for the HD access  fee by current rate for annual or semi annual subscription will not be affected by this hike for the duration of the pack, also the subscribers who have subscribed to monthly HD access fee within the past 6 months will continue to pay by old rates till 6 months from the date of subscribing to the pack.

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