Tata Sky Binge+ STB Users Now Getting Cloud Recording Facility

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Tata Sky, the largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator in the country, is allowing Binge+ users to record their favourite content on the cloud and view it anytime they wish to. The DTH operator is offering two different packs, one for free and one for a minimal amount of Rs 199, to avail the feature. For the unaware, the Tata Sky Binge+ is an Android-powered Set-Top Box (STB) that is available for Rs 2,999 only. Take a complete look at the feature ahead.

Tata Sky Record Feature for Binge+ STB Users

The Tata Sky Record feature is only available for Binge+ STB users. To avail this service, users can go with one of the two packs offered by Tata Sky. The first pack is ‘Basic’ and is available for free and the second pack is ‘Premium’ that is available for a monthly cost of Rs 199.

The basic pack will allow users to record up to 25 hours of content (record 1 program at a time). All the recordings will be gone after three months. It is worth noting that the recording might get deleted automatically before three months, depending on the channel/show rights.

On the other hand, the Premium pack will allow users to record up to 100 hours of content (20 programs simultaneously). Even for the Premium pack users, some recordings can expire because of the event/channel-specific conditions.

Users can see their recorded content in three categories - a) recorded (already recorded programs), b) In Progress (on-going recording), and c) Scheduled to be recorded (programs that are slated to record soon).

An active internet connection is required to start recording since all the data will be stored in the cloud. Adding to this, for streaming as well, an internet connection will be required. Other STBs that record content usually come with a hard-drive where the data is stored locally; thus, it can be played while being offline as well.

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