Doora, a 5G Powered Droid is Delivering Food to People

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A delivery droid named ‘Doora’ is roaming the streets of Stockholm, Sweden, for delivering food to people ordering online. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people prefer staying in and ordering from the outside. This resulted in an increased demand for food delivery services all around the world. Now, Doora, a food delivery robot powered by the 5G network of Tele2, is under the trialling phase in Stockholm. Tele2 and Foodora have partnered together to pilot the delivery droid in the country.

Doora is Powered by Tele2 5G and IoT

Doora is roaming the streets of Stockholm powered by the 5G network of Tele2 and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is worth noting that Tele2 became the first telecom operator to introduce a 5G network in Sweden.

A low-latency network is required for a robot such as Doora to navigate in real-time and stay accurate to its path. 5G is what the robot required, and Foodora knew it. That is why the company partnered with Tele2 and is now testing the robot and its functions.

With the full power of 5G, robots can utilise IoT, high-bandwidth, and low-latency networks, to automate a lot of processes and work that is done by manual labour today.

Doora is created by self-driving droid producer Yape. However, it is just a test; thus, how soon the robot will be on the field, delivering food to the users, is unconfirmed. Initially, Doora will be accompanied by an engineer to ensure everything works smoothly.

With the help of the 5G and IoT, robots will be able to track and measure several things, including optimising delivery routes, heat mapping, and more. However, these robots are a distant reality for people in India since the government’s planning for 5G wasn’t ‘concrete’ enough leading to delays.

The government of India is expected to hold 5G spectrum auctions after 6 months, meaning a commercial 5G network might not come until early 2021.

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