Orange Spain Develops 5G SA Private Network for Port of Barcelona

Orange and the Port of Barcelona join forces to develop a high-capacity 5G SA Private Network, offering advanced mobility services to the entire port. The network ensures reliable communication, low latency, and scalability for enhanced port operations.


  • Orange and the Port of Barcelona collaborate on a pioneering 5G SA Private Network.
  • The network provides reliable connectivity, even during congested periods.
  • The network's open infrastructure fosters technological development and collaboration.

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Orange Spain Develops 5G SA Private Network for Port of Barcelona

Orange Spain has joined forces with the Port of Barcelona to develop a high-capacity 5G SA (Standalone) Private Network. The collaboration aims to deliver advanced mobility services to the entire port and its users, with both land and sea coverage within a distance of up to 2 nautical miles.

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Orange 5G Virtual Private Network

According to Orange Spain, this 5G Virtual Private Network, backed by an investment of 3.6 million euros over five years (4 years, extendable for one more year), is carried out through the expansion of existing infrastructure.

Orange says it has successfully created a 5G SA Virtual Private Network specifically tailored for the Port of Barcelona. The expansion of the existing infrastructure comprises 5G SA technology, addressing the evolving requirements generated by the port's increasing degree of automation and the diverse needs of the port ecosystem.

Orange says the Port of Barcelona will have its own Private 5G Network that provides the following:

Reliable Connectivity and Communication

The network ensures uninterrupted connectivity, even during periods of high congestion, by leveraging two redundant fibre rings and bolstering mobile data transmission. This guarantees optimal communication and opens doors to developing innovative solutions in areas such as security and emergency response.

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Ultra-Low Latency

With ultra-low latency capabilities, the network enables seamless execution of operations that demand precise and instantaneous actions, such as the operation of cranes and other machinery vital to port activities.

Capacity and Scalability

The network facilitates the massive connection of sensors and devices, facilitating real-time tracking of ships, merchandise, and other assets. Additionally, it offers voice and data services to companies and port users, meeting their evolving needs effectively.

Open Infrastructure

With an emphasis on a collaborative approach, the network's infrastructure is open to over 500 companies operating within the port. This inclusivity fosters technological development and innovation, encouraging the growth of a vibrant ecosystem.

The Port of Barcelona highlights the port's role as a catalyst for digitization and open innovation, benefiting citizens and making the port more efficient and competitive when compared to other European ports.

The establishment of this advanced telecommunications network unlocks new possibilities and allows for a wide range of use cases in emergency communications, real-time high-quality video transmission, and the optimization of port operations, even extending its coverage to the water surface.

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Orange highlighted its position as Spain's first operator to launch a 5G SA commercial network, known as 5G+. Orange also emphasized the network's adaptability, an essential characteristic in an increasingly dynamic and competitive business landscape where agility and responsiveness are key to success in various industries.

According to Orange, the implementation of this advanced network promises improved resource management, enhanced traceability, and heightened asset security.

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