The Upcoming Mi TV 6 Comes With This Cool Camera Technology

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Mi TV 6

Xiaomi has not been shy when it comes to innovating, be it for accessories or for products that have more approach, such as tablets or smartphones. Be it the company's Mix series of devices that offer great design or the charging speeds on offer from the company, inclusive of the over 100W charging technology showcased earlier in 2021.

Now, it seems that Xiaomi and its sub-brands might revolutionise TVs and their cameras, since, whilst it is known that certain TVs come with in-built cameras, they have not yet become mainstream. The TV's built-in camera can perform multiple tasks, be it face recognition or video call, they are a great tool.

Some manufacturers who are already known for this technology include Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, but, to date, none have been able to offer a television with a dual-camera setup. That is set to change with Xiaomi's Mi TV 6.

Prior to an official launch, Xiaomi on Thursday revealed the key features of its upcoming flagship TV, with the TV 6 featuring dual cameras, especially a 48MP dual camera setup.

What Do We Know About the Mi TV 6?

The poster related to the Xiaomi Mi TV 6 showcases a poster that reveals that the TV will come with a new interactive mode that can take advantage of the additional camera sensor set to be present on the upcoming TV. Whilst the poster fails to mention which apps will be able to avail its utilities, presumptions put in games and fitness apps to be the top option.

The Mi TV 6 is already a pretty impressive smart TV given by the leaks and promos since it has been revealed that the TV will come with 4.2.2 surround sound and spatial audio, complete with 100W in-built speakers.

I/O options include two HDMI 2.1 ports, with the TVs featuring Wi-Fi 6 support and AMD's FreeSync Premium for ultra-low latency during gaming sessions. The TV also comes with a certification that states that it is designed for Xbox.

To add to all of this, Xiaomi has also confirmed that the TV will make use of QLED or Quantum Dot technology for the display, with Dolby Vision IQ, a feature that can allow the TV to automatically adjust its brightness to ambient light.

In case you were wondering, the Mi TV 6 is scheduled for a launch in China on June 28, but, as of the time of writing, we do not know whether or not it will launch in India.

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