6G Technology Speed 50 Times Faster Than 5G: Samsung

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Samsung 6G Network

The development of 5G networks is extensively pushed around the globe. However, amidst the development of 5G, some of the tech entities have also started 6G trials to bring a complete wave of reformation in the tech industry. Among the big names, the South Korean multinational company Samsung claimed that it had achieved 50 times faster and efficient speed in 6G as compared to 5G. The information was revealed by Wonil Roh, who is the Senior Vice President, Head of Product Strategy, Network Business at Samsung Electronics at Samsung’s presentation on new 5G transmission equipment.

6G to Open New Doors of Opportunity

Sunghyun Choi, who is the network business SVP, head of advanced communications research at Samsung Electronics, stated that 6G is going to open up a completely new world of opportunity combined with dynamic new technologies which will reshape the emerging experiences and services. He also stated that Samsung Electronics is excited to make 6G a reality for customers in the coming period. Also, the entity has demonstrated terahertz communications which is a testament to Samsung’s 6G progress. The presentation slide of the new 5G transmission equipment revealed that the speed of Samsung’s 6G technology is 50 times faster and efficient than that of 5G.

Samsung 6G: Is it Near?

Since the entire world is currently eyeing the 5G network deployment, Samsung is preparing for the bigger jump and trying to be the early adopter of 6G technology. As the development of 5G is still in the budding stage, it is difficult to speculate on the launch of the Samsung 6G network. However, as a relief, Samsung has released a white paper that tells specific details regarding the rollout of the 6G network. The white paper by Samsung states that the company is expecting to finish and commercialise the 6G standard as early as 2028. However, mass commercialisation is expected to happen around 2030. Choi added to his statements and marked that Samsung is eagerly hunting down new areas of AI, robotics, visual technologies and more. Woojune Kim, the EVP head of global sales and marketing at Samsung Electronics, marked that Samsung operates the largest single virtualised core network in India, which has the capacity to support hundreds of millions of customers.

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