5G Commercial Services Launched in Indonesia by Indosat Ooredoo

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Indosat Ooredoo 5G

Indonesia has added its name to the list of countries that have launched 5G services commercially. Telecom Operator Indosat Ooredoo has recently announced that they have launched 5G services in the city of Soho in Java, Indonesia. Indosat Ooredoo partnered with Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei, which supplied 5G network for the telecom operator. A new partnership has also been formed with Surakarta Municipality, which encapsulates the launch of commercial 5G services in Indonesia.

5G Services in Solo Will Offer Customers Enhanced Mobile Broadband Internet

A press release by Indosat Ooredoo has stated that the new 5G services in Solo will offer enhanced mobile broadband internet to the operator’s consumer and business customers. It will also empower Solo’s economic recovery and digital transformation. Ahmad Al-Neama, Indosat Ooredoo’s CEO and President Director, also commented on the launch by saying that their company believes 5G technology will help accelerate the digital transformation of Indonesian society. He further added that it would also stimulate innovation in businesses across all industries.

Indosat Ooredoo Plans to Launch 5G Mobile Services in Other Major Cities

The partnership between Indosat Ooredoo and Surakarta Municipality includes aspects of empowering micro and small-medium-sized enterprise (MSME), digital talent education and smart city development. In this regard, Indonesia’s minister of communication and IT, Johnny G. Plate, also commented that even though 4G still acts as the backbone of Indonesia’s digital transformation, they hope that the initial commercialisation of 5G can further their vision of a regional digital powerhouse. He further appealed that Indonesia should come together to ensure that the presence of 5G services brings benefits to the nation and have a significant impact on economic recovery.

Indosat Ooredoo has revealed its plans to launch 5G mobile services in other major cities in Indonesia. These major cities include Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar. Indosat Ooredoo was earlier known as PT Indosat Tbk and had been doing business with the new name since 2015 due to Ooredoo’s majority stake. The company is known to offer a variety of wireless services for mobile phones and also serves a small market of broadband internet lines for homes.

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