Amazon Deploys AWS Wavelength for 5G Technology in the UK

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Amazon AWS Wavelength

The American multinational company Amazon has propelled AWS Wavelength, which is an AWS infrastructure. The new offering by Amazon will enable enterprise and multiple developers to make ultra-low latency applications that will be transported via the Vodafone 5G network in the UK. The AWS Wavelength will provide AWS services to the edge of carrier networks around the globe with availability in South Korea, Tokyo Daejon and 10 other cities across the United States. Amazon commented on the launch of AWS Wavelength and stated that the new offering enables software developers to provide edge computing use cases like IoT, machine learning, video streaming and more.

Developers Will Get Direct Access to AWS Cloud Services

George Elissaios, general manager of AWS Wavelength and director of product management at AWS said the company is excited to work with Vodafone to provide developers full, direct access to AWS cloud services in any region on the Vodafone 4G/5G network and to push innovation across the UK. He further stated that applications traffic coming from the device would transit straight from the Vodafone network to AWS cloud services. This enables the developers to charge new kinds of smartphone applications that require high bandwidth, low latency and high speeds.

Developers Can Deploy Apps to AWS Wavelength Zones

The new AWS Wavelength infrastructure will allow developers to deploy apps to AWS Wavelength Zones that embed AWS compute and storage devices under the radar of MNCO’s datacentres at the edge of the network. Vatsa Kalyanasundaram, who is the cloud and security director at Vodafone business, stated that working with AWS, Vodafone’s business is getting the ability to get real-time insight for quick decision making to deliver next-generation immersive experiences, which have never happened before.

If you are not aware, the traditional smartphone architecture requires multiple hops between regional and aggregation sites. However, AWS Wavelength enables developers to take reap benefits from edge computing and limit the number of hops which is effective in lowering the latency. Simon Brewerton, who is the chief technology officer at Aurrigo stated that AWS Wavelength and Vodafone 5G and MEC technologies provide ultra-low latency and expensive bandwidth to their vehicles that let them monitor autonomous vehicles in real-time via secure communications.

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