Social Media Platforms to Close Fake Accounts Within 24 Hours of Request

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IT Rules

The rising cases of fake social media accounts have been concerning for users worldwide. In an attempt to curb and stop fake accounts from lowering the privacy standards, the Indian government has announced a crucial decision that would relieve the users around all the platforms. As reported by TNN, the government of India has mandated all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to shut fake accounts with fake pictures of renowned celebrities, businessman and general subscribers within the time frame of 24 hours of being notified by the same user or representative users.

The New IT Rules Will Aid Users in Privacy and Safety Features

The Indian government has mandated the social media platforms to shut fake accounts within 24 hours of a request under the new IT rules. All the platforms will have no other option but to act immediately after getting the complaint. Even though platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube verify accounts of known personalities, there are ample fake profiles created of the same person.

The reason behind creating fake profiles can vary. For some people creating fake profiles can be a fun source, or it can give wings to their criminal intentions. Since impersonators use a real picture and morphed images, it becomes difficult for other users to identify the threat. The IT rules have also mandated social media platforms to remove any content around nudity, obscenity and sexual act or conduct within 24 hours. Since the knowledge around a verified profile is less, the new IT rules make a mention where users can get the option to verify their accounts. However, there are certain criteria under which a user will have to fall.

Social Media Companies to Appoint Grievance Officers

The new IT rules strive to provide complete protection to internet users. Also, it has been deployed to make social media platforms more accountable for all the negative and wrong content that is spreading around the internet. The new IT rules direct all social media companies to appoint a grievance officer, a nodal officer and a chief compliance officer. All the officers must be regional, and their offices should be in India.

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