LG was the 3rd largest phone manufacturer in the world during Q1 2014

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Thanks to some great smartphone launches in the past 12 months, LG has now become 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer in terms of earnings according to the numbers from Q1 2014. Samsung still stands largest mobile phone manufacturer while Apple stand as the second largest mobile phone brand, if the earnings are concerned. According to Strategy Analytics, LG sold more than $3.18 billion worth of mobile phone units worldwide during Q1 2014.

This huge jump can be attributed to successful devices like Nexus 5 and the LG G2. LG has also successfully announced the LG G3 today with some great improvements where it was being criticised. They have improved a lot in terms of hardware design as well the UI design with the LG G3. It looks like the LG G3 will be a best-seller but only time will tell how well LG capitalises this opportunity to threaten Samsung and Apple.

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