Huawei VR featuring 360-degree sound field launched for the P9, P9 Plus, and Mate 8

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Telecommunications major Huawei has expanded its line of products with a new addition – Huawei VR headset. A perfect look-alike of Samsung Gear VR, the headset is compatible only with a few Huawei handsets such as P9, P9 Plus, and Mate 8.

Huawei VR

Huawei VR headset comes with 360-degree sound field along with the 360-degree videos. Other specifications include a touch panel, a back button, volume keys, and scroll button. The scroll button will help the users to adjust the lenses, and is said to be suitable especially for people with myopia up to -7.00. Similar to Samsung Gear VR, the users need to affix the smartphone to the headset to view content.

Also, Huawei VR headset has a latency of 20ms and a 95-degreee field of view along with a blue filter. The content that comes with the new VR headset includes access to 4,000 free movies, 40 free games, 350 panoramic images, and 150 panoramic tours. However, these offerings are currently said to be for the Chinese market and the content for overseas market is yet to be known.

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