Ericsson Introduces On-Demand 5G Network Slicing for Android Devices

New functionality in Android supported by Ericsson's core network software empowers users to request 5G network slices for optimal performance.


  • Ericsson and Android integrate a new feature for on-demand 5G network slicing.
  • Users can request enhanced performance for specific applications at specific times.
  • ommunication service providers provision and determine the characteristics of network slices.

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Ericsson Introduces On-Demand 5G Network Slicing for Android Devices

Ericsson has enabled a new feature in the upcoming release of Android 14. This latest feature, supported by Ericsson's core network version, enables users to request 5G network slices as part of 5G Standalone plans for enhanced performance during specific times and for specific applications, according to the official release.

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5G Network Slicing on Android Devices

According to Ericsson, the new functionality, available with the latest versions of Ericsson's core network software and Android operating system, is designed to empower service providers to offer consumers the option of superior performance through 5G network slices.

Android Support for Network Slicing

Ericsson said Android has been supporting network slicing capabilities, starting from Android 12. In Android 13, app developers were given the ability to align their applications with specific network characteristics provided by communication service providers (CSPs).

Now, in Android 14, users can take advantage of this advanced functionality and request a 5G network slice for a unique and tailored experience.

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With the new level of flexibility, subscribers can now choose and activate a network slice for a limited time within their current subscription plan. This allows them to enjoy increased performance for all applications on their device, ongoing enhanced performance for specific applications, or a boost when launching a particular app.

With this, on-demand network slicing will now be available for users to enjoy.

The specific characteristics of the network slice, including duration, cost, and availability, will be determined and provisioned by CSPs offering the premium function as part of their subscribers' plans, Ericsson added.

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Behind the Scenes Engineering

Android Device

To support this feature, the User-Equipment Route Selection Policy (URSP) technology on Android devices enables dynamic selection of the desired network slice or slices provided by CSPs.


On the network side, Ericsson said its 5G Core network has evolved to accommodate this functionality, with enhanced capabilities in Cloud User Management, Policy Control, Service Activation, and Secure Entitlement Server (SES). These enhancements enable CSPs to effectively manage subscriber eligibility, quality of service control, time validity, and subscription updates.

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The introduction of on-demand 5G network slicing marks a significant leap forward in mobile network capabilities. It provides users with greater control and personalization while enabling CSPs to deliver innovative services that align with their subscribers' needs.

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