Broadband: Best Quarterly Plans You Can Choose From One Broadband, JioFiber, Foxcell and Hathway

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Broadband internet is provided by many service providers in India. Some of the top internet providers are Connect Broadband, JioFiber, Foxcell, and Hathway. All of these internet service providers provide quarterly internet plans at different rates and with different benefits. Quarterly plans generally come with free installation and free router from the service provider, so most of the people tend to purchase this plan only. Let’s take a look at all the best quarterly plans from these broadband service providers.

One Broadband

One Broadband provides quarterly internet plans only on its 1 Gbps speed plan. There are two 1 Gbps broadband plans which One Broadband provides to users, one comes with 500GB and the other one comes with 1,000GB data. The 500GB plan comes for Rs 5,247 and the 1,000GB plan comes with Rs 6,597. There is an installation charge of Rs 1,500 on the quarterly plans which is a little surprising since the ISP is charging the customer a lot of money for three months. Post FUP limit, the internet speed drops to 25 Mbps.


JioFiber has become a very popular broadband service in the country. It provides a variety of plans with different validities to ensure that there is something for everyone. It provides quarterly plans as well. The best and cheapest quarterly plan that you can choose for yourself is the ‘Silver’ plan. It costs Rs 3,005 which is inclusive of GST. It provides the user with up to 650GB data every month at 100 Mbps speed. There are many OTT benefits and other benefits included in the plan as well. Customers also get a complimentary subscription to all the Jio apps.


Foxcell also provides different kinds of quarterly broadband plans to the customers. One of the best quarterly plans from Foxcell comes for Rs 4,589 and provides customers with 1,350GB for three months at 150 Mbps speed. Post FUP limit, the internet speed drops to 8 Mbps. There is also a 100 Mbps plan which comes for three months with 900 Mbps speed and it costs Rs 3,540.


The best quarterly plan from Hathway that you can choose is the ‘HD4 Stream’ plan. It provides the customer with 50 Mbps speed and 200GB monthly FUP data. Post FUP data limit, the internet speed drops to 3 Mbps. Charge for its quarterly plan is Rs 4,499. Another quarterly plan from Hathway which comes with the same 50 Mbps speed is ‘HD Bliss’. But it comes with lesser monthly FUP data of 150GB. Post FUP data limit, the speed drops to 3 Mbps. This plan costs Rs 3,899. Both the plans from Hathway are subject to GST and installation charges.

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