Broadband: How to Choose the Best Router for Yourself?

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Gone are the days when normal router would work with your high-speed internet plan. Earlier, internet routers regardless of their size or type would work with any kind of plan. So a user/customer didn’t really take out the time to research the perfect router for them. They just went with the router which fell within their budget. But time has changed. Internet routers are no more just routers. They have become a lifeline for people who earn their livelihoods through the internet. 4K streaming and online HD gaming have completely changed the needs of people out of their routers. So the perfect high-speed broadband internet plan which can support all the heavy internet needs of today requires a router which can withhold the connectivity. The thing is, there are multiple devices connected to a Wi-Fi router and at different distances. To cater to the needs of every device in an efficient manner creates a lot of load for a router. That results in a lot of buffering and frequent network disconnections. So here are a few tips you can follow.

Understand the Extendability and Range You Require

This is a very important thing for you to understand if you want a good Wi-Fi router for yourself. If you have a large home then get a Wi-Fi router which can send signals throughout your house. But there is also an extension available which can be connected to the other part of your home and will give you great speeds. Routers with large internet coverage get you good connectivity and are most probably the ones which come with gigabit speed support.

Use 802.11n Router

Before the 802.11n router, there was the 802.11g/a router. Now it could only support speeds up to 60 Mbps. So clearly, it isn’t enough for someone who is looking to stream in 4K and go for HD online gaming. With the 802.11n router though, you can get speeds up to 600 Mbps which is more than enough for heavy internet usage when there is more than one device connected to the router.

Use 802.11a/c Router

With the advancements in technology, we can now get internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. But for speed like that, even the 802.11n router won’t be enough. That is why there is 802.11a/c router. This router can carry speeds up to more than one gigabyte easily. These routers are also known as Gigabit router. With these ones, 4K streaming won’t be an issue for you. You will be able to download things in seconds and you will get the true seamless internet experience. Even multiple devices connected to this router won’t create any issues for you.

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