D2h Removes Charges for Multiple Add-on Packs so Customers Can Get it for Free

D2h is currently offering its customers' add-on packs without changing them anything extra

D2h provides some of the best SD and HD channels packs to its customers. It is one of the biggest DTH operators of India and it serves to millions of Indian homes. One thing that customers of D2h get to benefit from is the wide range of plans that are offered to them. Not only that, but the customers also get the flexibility to choose and create their own channels packs as well. In case a customer is not satisfied with his/her current DTH plan, then they can also opt for an add-on plan which will cost them extra but with that, they will get new channels to watch. D2h is right now providing multiple of its add-on packs for free.

No Cost for Add-On Packs from D2h

D2h is currently offering its customers’ add-on packs without changing them anything extra. Not all the plans are coming for free, but there are multiple free plans a customer can choose from. There are two categories for add-on packs in the website of D2h – ‘Add-ons-SD/HD’ and ‘BST Add-ons’. Plans under both categories are coming for free.

One of the most major add-on packs under the BST add-ons is the “BST Rest of India’ plan. The DTH operator is offering this plan for free as well. This plan comes with a total of 93 channels which are going to be availed for the customer totally free now. There are no HD channels inside this pack though.

Then under the Add-ons-SD/HD category, there is another major add-on pack which has been made free by the DTH operator – BST EAST. It offers a total of 90 channels out of which none are HD though. If you are a music lover and you go for music add-on packs from D2h, consider going for the ‘BST MUSIC’ pack. The operator is currently offering the pack for free and there are 39 music channels inside it out of which 15 channels are of music. There are add-on packs of news channels which are also being offered for free.

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