Apple’s Touch ID and Face ID With Safari Browser to Ease Logging-in Process for Websites

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Apple has been a leader in introducing cutting edge technology to the world. Time and again, it has revolutionised the way people engage with their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. One of the key concerns for Apple is its customers security. This is something no company in the world would want to compromise upon. Apple has kept updating the security of its products with time and it is looking to further do that with its Touch ID and Face ID. The next update, iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur is going to bring the security enhancement to the Safari browser and make your life easier.

Touch ID and Face ID to Help You Log-In

Touch ID and Face ID are two security systems which Apple devices use. Touch ID is something that is present on all the recent devices of Apple, be it Macs, iPhones or iPads. But Face ID is not something Mac users can enjoy. Still using the Touch ID, users can log-in to the different apps and website accounts in Macs. As for the iPads and iPhones, they can use the Face ID as well as Touch ID. But that is not possible with every website and that is a problem for a few who keep forgetting their passwords.

That is why, the new update will bring WebAthun which uses public-key cryptography and can also use biometrics and hardware security for authentication. Individual websites can add this feature as well, but not every website is going to do that. That is why getting a stock browser which will have this feature would be of huge help. This is exactly what Apple is trying to do. It is going to equip Safari with the new security feature which will then allow the users to use Touch ID and Face ID for logging-in to different websites through the browser. It will be much safer than the use of passwords as they are prone to be guessed or phished. While with the Touch ID and Face ID, hackers would need you to get into the system.

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