Apple Confirms ARM-Based Silicon Chips For Macs

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Apple is known for making very high-end products which deliver very powerful performances. One of the things which people love about Apple is their iPads and iPhones particularly because of the chipsets they run in. Apple itself develops the chipsets and thus has full control over both the hardware and the software of the iPads and iPhones. But it is not the same with Macs. With Macs, Apple uses Intel chipsets to power it and that has somehow restricted Apple in coming out with more powerful Macs in the past. Apple doesn’t want to rely on anyone and that is why it has confirmed that they are going to use their own ARM-based silicon chips on future Macs.

Apple Ported All the Apps to macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is the next-generation macOS which will hit your Macs. The official release date has not been confirmed by Apple yet. But, this version of macOS is very essential for Apple in making the switch from Intel chipsets to its own ARM-based silicon chipsets. For the switch, all the native apps of Apple have been ported to the macOS Big Sur. So you will be able to run very heavy apps such as Premiere Pro, Logic X Pro, and Cut Pro X in your Macs very easily.

Powerful Performance With ARM-Based Silicon Chipsets

Macs are still powerful devices with Intel chipsets. But after they ship with ARM-based Silicon chipsets, they will become even more powerful. Apple has the power to optimise its hardware to work very smoothly with its software just like it does with iPads and iPhones. The uniformity across the different products just might make it possible for Apple to provide customers with the option to run iOS apps on the macOS. Apple has already been working with a few other tech giants such as Adobe and Microsoft to make their apps compatible with the new ARM-based Macs. Apple will make the complete shift from Intel-based Macs to ARM-based Macs in about two years time. But customers will be able to see Macs shipping with ARM-based chips by the end of 2020 itself.

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