Vodafone Idea Now Offers Prepaid to Postpaid Migration via OTP

Vodafone Idea introduces a P2P conversion feature, allowing subscribers to switch between prepaid and postpaid plans without changing SIM cards.


  • Vodafone Idea introduces P2P conversion, enabling prepaid-postpaid switch without SIM changes.
  • KYC details vital for successful OTP-based conversion; rejections possible if inadequate.
  • Temporary service disruptions possible during the prepaid-postpaid conversion.

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Vodafone Idea Now Offers Prepaid to Postpaid Migration via OTP
Vodafone Idea has been struggling to retain its subscriber base for over 2 years now. However, in a bid to provide users with increased flexibility, Vodafone Idea has introduced P2P conversion on the same SIM via OTP. This allows Vodafone Idea subscribers to seamlessly switch between prepaid and postpaid without the need to change their SIM card. This is not a new service, as the migration from prepaid to postpaid has been in the market for quite some time. More details about the P2P conversion in the story ahead.

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Vodafone Idea P2P Conversion

If you are a prepaid customer looking to switch to postpaid, you can now make this switch without the need to change your SIM card. Vi customers no longer require a SIM change or documentation for moving from prepaid to postpaid. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that, according to the Vi website, only two postpaid plans - Vi Max 401 and Vi Max 501 -are currently offered for selection as part of this migration process.

Conversion and KYC Requirements

According to Vi, any Vi subscriber desiring to convert their existing Vi prepaid mobile connection to postpaid, or vice versa, without changing their SIM, must submit their request to Vodafone Idea through Vi's company-owned stores. Subscribers who initiate such requests will subsequently receive an SMS on their existing Vi number, which will include a unique transaction ID and a One-time password (OTP).

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As per the company's guidelines, all requests received before 6 pm will be processed by 10 pm on the same day, whereas requests received after 6 pm will be addressed by 10 pm on the following day. It's important to note that during the process of converting from prepaid to postpaid or vice versa, services on the subscriber's mobile number may experience disruptions lasting up to 30 minutes.

In case the Know Your Customer (KYC) details of the requesting subscribers, as available with Vodafone Idea, are found to be inadequate, the OTP-based conversion may face rejection. In such instances, subscribers will need to undergo the KYC process once more in order to proceed with the SIM change.

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While the P2P migration on the same SIM is nothing new, it serves just as an added flexibility for users. Airtel, for instance, has been providing this service for years now. Airtel's Prepaid customers can effortlessly shift from prepaid to postpaid using a single OTP, resulting in a process that takes just a few minutes without the need to visit any Airtel Store. However, for individuals seeking to switch from postpaid to prepaid, a store visit is required for the migration process, and there is no mandatory recharge or plan requirements for the transition.

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Vi Recharges for Postpaid to Postpaid Migration

In case of Vi, for users seeking to make the switch from prepaid to postpaid using the OTP process can opt for the conversion across all open market plans for individual subscribers.

But conversion from postpaid to prepaid is accessible through prepaid recharges of Rs 479, Rs 499, and Rs 719. Importantly, it should be noted that following a conversion from prepaid to postpaid, subscribers will not be permitted to revert to prepaid within a 90-day period.

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