Unlimited Broadband Plans by Internet Service Provides You Must Know

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Unlimited internet plans are a blessing for broadband users who consume heavy data every month to cater to their work and entertainment needs. There are endless service providers in the market who are currently offering unlimited internet plans to its subscribers. Unlimited internet plans have many advantages. Heavy broadband users who stream content from online platforms such as Netflix, ZEE5, Amazon Prime Video and other platforms don’t have to worry about their data cap. Not only this, if you are a pro gamer, high-speed unlimited internet plan also ensures that you can download large games without any trouble. Since there are endless service providers, it is important that you must evaluate all the existing plans and benefits and most importantly compare them to select the best from the lot. Here are some of the best internet service providers who offer unlimited broadband internet plan to users.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband Plans

Airtel has dominated in every segment, especially in the broadband sector. Airtel offers a variety of broadband plans to its customers. The speed of the internet ranges from 100Mbps to max 1 Gbps. Airtel customers can easily switch their broadband plan into an unlimited plan by just paying Rs 299. Yes, you read it right. If you are an Airtel broadband user, you can easily upgrade your plan into an unlimited plan by paying a small amount of Rs 299 every month. Unlike other service providers, Airtel has not maintained a catalogue of unlimited internet plans for customers.

JioFiber Broadband Plans

The broadband arm of the largest telecom operator of India Reliance Jio has also marked its presence in the broadband market. JioFiber broadband plans start from Rs 699 and go till Rs 8,4999. Though, all the JioFiber plans show unlimited data plans on the official website, the speed of the internet decreases once the FUP limit is over. In case if you are an avid broadband user, premium plans of JioFiber like Platinum and Titanium offer internet speed of 1Gbps and FUP limit of 7500GB and 15000GB. We suggest that users must evaluate all the plans mentioned in the official website and select the internet plan, which will cater to their work and entertainment needs.

ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans

ACT Fibernet has made its space in the broadband market by offering high-speed broadband plans with various other benefits. However, one downside of the ACT Fibernet is that the broadband service provider does not offer any truly unlimited plan. All the broadband plans of ACT Fibernet have FUP limit after which internet speed decreases. Even after not having a truly unlimited plan, ACT offers various other plans with attractive benefits. ACT Lightning is one of the best affordable plans which offers 800GB monthly data and 200Mbps internet-speed. The plan is just priced at Rs 1425. In case if the customers want more, there are various premium plans such as ACT Progress and ACT GIGA, which offers internet speed of 250Mbps and 1000Mbps, monthly data 2500GB and 3500GB. ACT Progress is priced at Rs 4,999 whereas ACT GIGA is priced at Rs 5,999. There are various other plans mentioned in the official website of ACT. The plans mentioned above are valid only for Bengaluru and they differ with every city.

YOU Broadband Plans

You Broadband is providing high-speed internet plans in 21 cities. You Broadband offers various high-speed internet plans with FUP limit as well as unlimited plans. However, one of the major drawbacks of the unlimited broadband plans by the provider is the speed. All the unlimited broadband plans by the service provider offer internet-speed up to 60 Mbps. The base plan of Rs 1387 offers unlimited internet data for 30 days. The highest validity broadband plan that is 390 days is priced at Rs 16,503 by the provider, which offers unlimited internet data with 60 Mbps speed. The plans and pricing of You Broadband plans are dynamic in every city. We suggest everyone to visit the official website and read more about the unlimited broadband plans.

BSNL Broadband Plans

State-owned BSNL also offers various high-speed broadband plans to customers. However, all the broadband plans by BSNL has a FUP limit, and internet speed reduces once the limit is over. BSNL broadband plans start from Rs 499, and it goes till Rs 16,999 depending upon the data limit and internet speed. The 600GB CUL plan offers 50Mbps speed up to 600GB, and the plan is priced at Rs 849. Since BSNL do not offer unlimited internet plans, heavy broadband users might get disappointed with the offerings of BSNL.

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