Tata Play Fiber High-Speed Plan Lacks Value in Front of this Spectra Offering

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Since a small number of well-known companies dominate the broadband industry, plans from other internet service providers (ISPs) often go overlooked. One of the most well-known service providers is Tata Play Fiber, but there may be some superior choices when it comes to high-speed services. Actually, Spectra has a 500 Mbps broadband option that is less expensive than Tata Play Fiber's same offering. Let's check at the 500 Mbps internet plan and pack specifics provided by Tata Play and Spectra.

Two Affordable Plans from Spectra

The two Spectra 500 Mbps office plans have been listed, and they have different price tags and various data caps. The basic broadband plan from Spectra costs Rs 1,599 per month and includes 500 Mbps of internet speed. This plan offers 500GB of data in total. Additionally, the plan has annual, semi-annual, and quarterly billing intervals. This plan has a three-month cost of Rs 4,797, a six-month cost of Rs 9,594, and a yearly cost of Rs 19,188.

The cost of Spectra's alternative 500 Mbps plan is Rs 1,999 per month. The monthly data allowance is 750GB overall. The billing cycles for this plan are the same as those mentioned above: quarterly, half-yearly, and annual. Users must pay Rs 5,997 for a three-month subscription, Rs 11,994 for a six-month subscription, and Rs 23,988 for a 12-month subscription.

Tata Play Fiber 500 Mbps Plan

Recently, Tata Sky changed its name to Tata Play Fiber, but the plans remained the same. The monthly cost of Tata Play Fiber's unlimited 500 Mbps service is Rs 2,300. Since the provider offers the 500 Mbps plan for a variety of validity periods, customers can also purchase it for a lengthy period of time. Customers can purchase the plan for Rs 6,900 for a period of three months; for a period of six months, the plan costs Rs 12,900, saving users Rs 900; and finally, for a time of one year, the plan costs Rs 24,600, saving users Rs 3000.

To achieve end-to-end connection, Tata Play Fiber uses a 100% fibre network, with fibre optics connecting directly from the service provider to users' houses. This leads to high-speed connectivity and a seamless, constant internet experience. With this internet package, users are given 3300GB or 3.3TB of Fair Usage Policy (FUP) data; after that, the speed is decreased to 3 Mbps.

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