Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to come with a truly curved screen

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Samsung has already launched the Galaxy S5 in the market and as it does every year, it might bring the next version of the Galaxy Note to the market very soon. If it goes by previous records, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might be in announced in the next couple of months. Yesterday, Samsung has applied for a patent that might give us a hint of the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. According to the patent application, Samsung is working on a smartphone which would feature a tri-sided curved YOUM OLED screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 YOUM Display
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 YOUM Display

It is visible in the pictures that the screen would stretch to the side walls of the smartphone. Samsung has also made changes in the UI to make use of the extra portion of the screen that is curved around the edges of the device. A Samsung executive had already mentioned that the company is experimenting a new form factor for the Galaxy Note 4 and this patent goes hand in hand with it.

Samsung has been loosing steam lately since the launch of the Galaxy S4. The Samsung Galaxy S5 didn't receive much excitement from general consumers because it doesn't offer anything exceptionally better than others. The curved screen might help Samsung in taking its popularity to new heights. Although Samsung had already showcased the Galaxy Round which never saw the light of day. On the other hand, the LG G Flex is already available in the market for an exorbitant price of more than Rs 60,000. Would you be interested in buying the Galaxy Note 4? Let us know in comments below.

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