Open Letter to MTS Regarding Restriction of HSD/EVDO on Non-MTS Smartphone Users

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Open Letter to MTS Regarding Restriction of HSD/EVDO on Non-MTS Smartphone UsersLast week we shared about the step taken by MTS India, which restricts HSD/EVDO on OMH RUIM users who are using non-MTS data enabled phones.

Subscribers who are enjoying 3X/HSD data are suddenly facing restriction to access HSD network without any prior notice and many of them are in the middle of the validity of the data pack.

When contacted to MTS Care, the subscribers are informed that to use high speed internet on their phones, they have to move to smartphone plans which will remove the existing voice benefits. With licenses quashed, MNP on the field don't you think MTS is digging their own grave? One MTS customer explains as he sends an open letter to the pure play CDMA operator.

I am Avishek Ghosh from Midnapur, West Bengal. My MTS mobile number is 9153550XXX. I am using your voice data HSD/EVDO/3X packs from the first day it had launched in ROWB circle & I am the first user of MTS for which you activated these voice data packs by your backend system. I was the user who visited your Kolkata head office for 3 times regarding the activation of HSD on my mobile number & to get OMH RUIM.

After my continuous effort MTS understood the utility of mobile HSD activation. I also posted my whole story in TelecomTalk website regarding this, which helped your company to strengthen its presence in mobile HSD data segment. It was MTS itself who also informed me about the mobile data packs of [email protected] HSD data at first & i am one of the first users who recharged it. Then MTS revised the HSD voice data packs, which was also exclusively promoted by myself in TelecomTalk & Rimweb.

But after my stay with mts for more than two years, MTS now replied me in a great manner. They deactivated my HSD data pack on my number without any prior information. Its a great reward of my loyalty. Hat's off to you.

It's obvious that no one can survive with the offering of 6gb HSD data with against the denomination of Rs 140 /-(although Tata Docomo cdma providing us better packs) but u have the option to increase it. But the uneducated & useless policy makers of your company stopped HSD data packs, they asked me to change my number to smartphone plan. It's the only way to get HSD on mobile according to MTS now. What is the definition of smartphone? I am using a cdma android smartphone which costs me 20000/- Can you offer me better smartphone than it ?(How on earth you can compel a subscriber to take a network-locked dumb/retro handset when he is already using a better handset with your OMH?)

I am ready to pay more bucks for EVDO packs on my number, but I'm not ready to sacrifice my voice plan just to get HSD data (i.e. to move to smartphone tariff) because i spent my hard earned money to get lifetime validity of 1p/2sec tariff. I need both facilities together (High speed data with existing/ attractive voice packs) like other operators offer. Not a single company of the world ever asked any user to forget its voice pack facilities to get hsd data activated.. But mts asked this. Isn't it a strange move by a company who has only 16 million customers after almost 3-4 year service in India? Every other operator provides us hassle free 3G data activation, they don't have different gimmicks like mobile voice packs, smartphone packs, mblaze packs etc etc etc like mts... Tata docomo cdma offers us pre HSD activated omh ruim's with unmatched tariff of 5GB evdo data @95 Rs, Reliance cdma also offers us normal evdo activation procedure in (on) any of their number. Do you think that you have the ability to change the system?

Please look at ur smartphone packs carefully, they are total dumb n useless just like ur policy. It's way costlier than any 3G packs offered by other 3G gsm n cdma company, they are also costlier than ur own mblaze packs. Do you consider us nuts who have enough money n loyalty to spend behind ur company? Vodafone offers 1GB 3G data @255 Rs. & they also offers me around 10Mbps speed in my area, but with a mere speed of 1-2 MBps u charges us more than 400 bucks only for 1.5 GB data, n last but not the least. Are we required to forget our all earlier benefits for the crappy packs. Is it possible? Don't you have officials to study the market?

You should mind than you have one of the lowest subscribers base in India and if you continue with this type of unethical moves, then u have to pay for it very soon.

I have the validity of my 140 recharge which offers me 6GB data till 18th August, but you stopped my HSD connection 10 days before the deadline of the validity), isn't it unfair & not against the rules? I was never informed/intimated about any step to be taken by you in this regard.

Please rethink about ur policies. You have to set ur mind, because you r here to give service to the customers for which u charge money. Come out with mature policies which will help the company itself as well as customers.

I want solution & clarification as soon as possible. I don't need ur advice to change my number to smartphone plan. And last but not the least when I am trying to send porting sms from my number (& also from other 5 numbers of my family members) you are not delivering port codes. What is this?

Your smart phone's tariff is not transparent. It's not clear whether these data packs are usable with your existing other voice, SMS and VAS packs. Your company-published posters/leaflets provided information on the attractive EVDO data packs and the simple way to activate EVDO through SMS which are still there at retailer outlets at my locality.

I think the possibility of contemplating legal action is strongly on cards considering the unthinkable highhandedness MTS had exercised against their customers, who not only continued with their service but also persuaded other customers to switch to the MTS network. The sudden withdrawal of the service facility also robbed them off the chances of switching to the other networks who offered services in the mean time and now looked attractive considering the changed scenario.

Disclaimer:TelecomTalk take no liability for the views expressed by the reader.

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