Ooredoo Kuwait to Launch 400 Mbps Fiber Internet Service

Ooredoo Kuwait announces its preparedness for the launch of 400 Mbps fiber internet service, a first in the country's telecom industry. The move aims to meet growing customer demand for high-speed internet and enhance digital innovation.


  • Ooredoo Kuwait introduces 400Mbps speeds, revolutionizing telecom in Kuwait.
  • Free trial offer allows residents to experience 200Mbps speed firsthand.
  • Fibre+ enhances and improves internet coverage within homes.

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Ooredoo Kuwait to Launch 400 Mbps Fiber Internet Service

Ooredoo Kuwait, a leading telecommunications company, has announced its readiness to launch 400 Mbps fibre internet speeds for the first time in Kuwait, marking a significant milestone in the country's telecommunications sector. Ooredoo says the announcement comes after receiving necessary approvals from the Ministry of Communications and the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA).

Ooredoo Kuwait's subsidiary, FASTtelco, will introduce this high-speed capability to meet the growing demand for faster internet services and revolutionize the industry.

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Meeting Growing Demand: Ooredoo Kuwait Leads the Way

Ooredoo Kuwait says it is the first company prepared to introduce fibre internet speeds of up to 400 Mbps in residential areas covered by the fibre service. This launch aligns with the Ministry of Communications' initiative to upgrade the infrastructure and establish a fibre optic network that meets the requirements of the current and future era.

Free Trial Offer: Ooredoo Kuwait's Try and Buy Service

As part of its dedication to customer satisfaction, Ooredoo Kuwait is offering a free trial of its high-speed internet service. Residents in areas where fibre service is available can experience the service firsthand with a free 200 Mbps speed trial through Ooredoo Kuwait's Try and Buy service. This limited-time offer allows users to test the capabilities of the network, according to the statement.

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Fibre+: Enhancing Internet Coverage in Homes

Ooredoo Kuwait, in collaboration with Huawei, has launched Fibre+, a cutting-edge Fibre To The Room (FTTR) solution. Fibre+ enhances and improves internet coverage within homes, ensuring a seamless and high-speed connection. The technology is not limited to fibre internet subscriptions but is also compatible with 5G fixed subscriptions for homes.

This service guarantees wide coverage and consistent speed through transparent hidden installations. Fibre+ has successfully undergone operational and technical tests and realistic trials, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and quality for this new technology.

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Voice Over WiFi: Uninterrupted Internet and Phone Service

Ooredoo Kuwait has also unveiled Voice Over WiFi, a service that guarantees uninterrupted speed, even in basement areas. With wide and stable coverage in every corner of the house, Voice Over WiFi supports over 300 devices simultaneously without compromising on maximum speeds. This high-speed service offers customers an efficient and effective experience, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout their homes.

Expanding Coverage: Fibre Services Availability

Ooredoo Kuwait's fibre services are currently available in various areas, including Hawalli Governorate (Bayan, Hateen, Mishref, and more), Mubarak Al Kabeer Governorate (Al Adan, Abu Fatira, Fnaitees, and more), Ahmadi Governorate (Al Ahmadi, Dahiyat Fahad Al-Ahmad, Mahboula, and more), Al-Asimah Governorate (Jaber Al-Ahmad, Nahdha, and more), Farwaniya Governorate (Abdullah Al Mubarak, Ishbiliya, and more), and Al Jahra Governorate (Al-Nasem, Saad Al Abdullah, and more).

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Ooredoo Kuwait's preparedness to launch 400 Mbps speeds and its dedication to providing advanced digital services marks a significant step in Kuwait's telecommunications industry.

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