Neos Networks Introduces 400 Gbps Services Across UK

Neos Networks introduces high-capacity 400 Gbps Optical Wavelength services across key data centers, enhancing connectivity solutions for businesses amid rising data demands.


  • Neos Networks launches 400 Gbps Optical Wavelength services in 26 UK data centers.
  • Enhanced connectivity for businesses handling increasing data volumes and bandwidth needs.
  • Flexible photonic network architecture seamlessly scales to 400 Gbps.

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Neos Networks Introduces 400 Gbps Services Across UK

UK's Neos Networks has announced the launch of its national 400 Gbps Optical Wavelength services across 26 key data centres in the country. According to the company, this move is set to bolster Neos Networks' existing array of optical networking solutions and provide businesses across the UK with enhanced connectivity services that cater to the increasing volumes of data and increasing bandwidth requirements.

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400 Gbps Optical Wavelength Services

Neos Networks stated that the rollout of the 400 Gbps Optical Wavelength services is scheduled to commence this month, initially covering 26 data centres, with plans to extend the coverage to more than 600 Points of Presence in the upcoming months.

Neos Networks has seamlessly scaled its network capacity to achieve the 400 Gbps threshold, leveraging its photonic network architecture.

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Tailored Solutions for Route Security, Latency, and Resiliency

Neos Networks said its 400 Gbps wavelength services will enhance customer backhaul capacity and scalability. The new service will allow customers to customize their requirements based on route security, separation, latency, redundancy, and availability, thus meeting their ever-changing connectivity needs. Additionally, the company provides optical resiliency and encryption options for customers requiring higher security levels.

"These capacities are not commonplace in the market, that's why we've launched a dynamic and flexible solution tailored to meet specific and unique business needs."

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400 Gbps Service In Addition to Existing Variants

According to the company, this service offering comes in addition to Neos Networks' existing 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps variants, with multiple wavelengths able to be provisioned between sites.

"By leasing wavelengths, businesses only pay for the capacity they need, but they can also scale up as and when required," Neos Networks said.

By seamlessly integrating technology with a keen understanding of customer needs, Neos Networks continues to redefine the landscape of business connectivity in the UK.

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