Reliance Jio reacts to Airtel’s claim of delay in operationalization of POIs causing call drops

In response to Airtel’s letter stating Reliance Jio’s (RJIL) delay in the operationalization of POIs, RJIL released a statement today that such a claim in absurd. Also, the operator pointed out that there are no call failures reported in Jio-to-Jio calls, whereas over 1.6 crore calls are still failing every day between Airtel and Jio.


“RJIL has been completely ready to accept any augmentation of POIs from Airtel and other incumbent operators. As against allegation of under-preparedness and insufficient testing teams and efforts, reality is that work has not been held up at RJIL’s end even briefly. Transmission media of RJIL has been ready and operational for several months now,” stated RJIL in the release.

Reliance Jio also reminded that the company has been consistently following up Airtel and other incumbent operators for several months for augmentation of interconnection capacity. They have ignored the communications, causing severe call drops, which is in disregard of the Quality of Service norms stipulated by the Telecom Regulatory of India (TRAI).

“Airtel has itself said that despite the severe QoS and congestion issues, it has provisioned capacity in 10 days against their entitlement of 90 days. It may be noted that 10 days is too long given the current QOS parameters. Furthermore, there is no entitlement of timing when it comes to such severe breach of QOS as against the 90 days sought by Airtel,” Reliance Jio elucidated.

According to Reliance, the company has anticipated a huge customer base for it services in advance and subsequently warned Airtel three months prior to provide sufficient PoIs. “The massive deterioration in QoS parameters would not have occurred had Airtel augmented POIs on a timely basis,” it said.

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September 28, 2016 8:19 pm 8:19 PM

Off topic:
Pls someone guide me. While getting Jio Sim I was not asked to submit IEMI number. So can I do verification of the Sim on any 4G enabled phone by calling 1977?
How much time SIM takes to get signals by e-kyc verification?

September 28, 2016 7:26 pm 7:26 PM

When Aircel, RCOM & BSNL calls go through from Jio, why not calls of Vodafone, Airtel & Idea…..
Aircel calls are going through very well even in the circles where Aircel is the top operator.
It’s dirt cheap anti-consumer, anti- competitive measure followed by Cartel….

Where is the Kumbakarna Govt , DoT & TRAI?
This Govt is only useful for making useless high-pitch noise…
Absolutely, no work in the ground….
Not at all a govt for consumers…..

September 28, 2016 7:59 pm 7:59 PM

Airtel calls are going through easily now