Best Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix This Holiday Season

Discover the magic of Christmas with our curated list of must-watch holiday films on Netflix, ranging from timeless classics to heartwarming romances.


  • White Christmas - A Classic Celebration of Love.
  • Let It Snow - High School Romance in a Winter Wonderland.
  • Falling for Christmas - A Festive Romantic Escape.

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Best Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix This Holiday Season
Prepare to deck the halls and get into the holiday mood with our list of the finest Christmas movies to watch on Netflix. The streaming behemoth has brought you a sleigh full of seasonal cheer. Whether you're looking for timeless stories, family films, or romantic exploits, our roster promises a snug, spirited experience for the most joyous season of all.

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The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

A fantastic adventure is set in motion when Santa Claus teams up with siblings Kate and Teddy in "The Christmas Chronicles." When their attempt to photograph Santa fails, they are forced to embark on a dangerous sleigh ride to rescue Christmas. With its comedy, spectacle, and a dash of magic, the film conveys a touching message about family, faith, and the true spirit of the holidays.

Let It Snow (2019)

"Let It Snow" takes place in a tiny town on Christmas Eve during a snowstorm, bringing together a varied group of high school seniors. As friendships and romances grow in the midst of the winter wonderland, the characters discover the season's charm and the value of connection. This short, directed by Luke Snellin, portrays the essence of love, camaraderie, and Christmas joy.

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Father Christmas Is Back (2021)

Caroline decides to organise the perfect Christmas celebration for her family. But things go downhill with the arrival of her father who abandoned them long ago on Christmas Day.

Falling for Christmas (2022)

Emma, a career-driven lady, is suddenly stuck in a charming tiny town during the holiday season in "Falling for Christmas." The beauty of Christmas begins to soften her heart as she navigates the charm of the neighborhood and meets a fascinating local. In the middle of the season's dazzling lights, this festive romantic narrative unfolds with warmth, laughter, and the enchantment of newfound love.

I Believe in Santa (2022)

After five happy months dating Tom, Lisa is horrified to learn that he's obsessed with her least favourite holiday. As the big day approaches, Lisa begins to learn the true meaning of love and the holiday season.

Christmas as Usual (2023)

Thea is going to her rural hometown to celebrate a classic Norwegian Christmas with her family, but this year she's bringing along Jashan, her Indian boyfriend, which will put everyone's preconceived beliefs and traditions on their heads.

So, grab your warmest blanket, put on your favourite pajamas, and settle in for a delightful journey through these top-notch Christmas movies on Netflix. With laughter, love, and festive cheer guaranteed, this list is sure to make your holiday season merry and bright!

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