BSNL, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Jio Entry-Level Data Vouchers Listed

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Demand for data packs grew when users understood that most of the times, their fair usage policy (FUP) data isn't going to be sufficient. Users started looking for data packs that were cheap mostly because they didn't want a lot of data, just enough to get by until the next day arrives and they get their FUP data for the new day.

That is why companies started offering cheap data packs that started from Rs 11 (Jio) to and 16 (Vodafone Idea). The role of these packs multiplied since the time people started relying on 4G data to do most of their things. Today, we are listing all the cheapest data plans from Airtel, Vodafone Idea (Vi), Jio, and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL).

Note: BSNL’s plans vary from place to place, the particular data pack mentioned in this article is for Chattisgarh.

Vodafone Idea Entry-Level Data Vouchers

Vi offers the second cheapest entry-level data pack that costs Rs 16 only. This data voucher comes with a standalone validity of 1 day and offers users 1GB of data only. The second cheapest data pack from Vi costs Rs 48 and offers 3GB total data but with a standalone validity of 28 days. There are no other benefits included in the vouchers.

Reliance Jio Entry-Level Data Vouchers

Reliance Jio's cheapest data voucher is also the cheapest amongst the plans offered by any other operator in India. It costs Rs 11 only and offers users 1GB of data. It doesn't have a standalone validity and will expire when your active unlimited data plan expires.

If you want more data, then you can go for the second cheapest data voucher from Jio that costs Rs 21 and offers 2GB of data. Its validity is also the same as that of the active unlimited pack. There are no other benefits included in the voucher.

Bharti Airtel Entry-Level Data Vouchers

Bharti Airtel's entry-level data voucher is the most expensive one that any of the operators offer. It costs Rs 48 and offers 3GB total data and has a standalone validity of 28 days. It is the same as Vi's second cheapest data voucher that is quite strange given Airtel users would have appreciated a voucher that came with 1GB or 2GB of data for a lesser price.

BSNL Cheapest Entry-Level Data Vouchers

BSNL offers its cheapest voucher for Rs 16. With this voucher, users get 2GB of data and the voucher has a standalone validity of 1 day. The second cheapest voucher from BSNL costs Rs 56 and offers users 10GB of data with a free subscription to Zing for 10 days.

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