Fujitsu and Trend Micro Testing Security of 5G Networks in Japan

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Fujitsu, a Japanese telecommunications company along with Trend Micro, an enterprise cybersecurity solutions developer have collaborated to test the security of private 5G networks. A private 5G network would be required by companies and smart factories to automate their production process.

The test determined the safety of a 5G network deployed with the security system of Trend Micro. For testing, a simulated factory environment and an operational Fujitsu environment was taken by the companies.

Private 5G networks would be required by smart factories globally. Automation and connectivity between Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices with each other and business applications would depend a lot on the private 5G networks.

Thus, the safety and security of a private 5G network need to be determined to ensure that none of the data or the factory is susceptible to any kind of cyberattack. New security procedures need to be installed as soon as possible to let companies and factories automate their production process without any worries.

Trend Micro’s 5G Security Solution Effective

After the test was completed, three main points could be identified as results. The first was that Trend Micro’s 5G security solution was effective at detecting threats and protecting the private 5G network from them. Further, the security solution first asked for the device’s authentication before letting it connect to the private 5G network. At last, and the third finding of the test was that any unauthorised attempts of communication via the network were blocked in real-time.

The results establish and give a pretty clear view of how effective the security solution from Trend Micro really is. Fujitsu will offer clients private 5G network services and leverage Trend Micro’s security solution for keeping the networks safe from any external or internal threats.

But the test is only halfway done at the moment. Both the companies will work and keep conducting field trials until September 2021 at Fijutsu’s Oyama Plant and only then will consider commercialising a finalised security product or solution for the private 5G network in the market.

Smarter and safer private 5G networks will help the companies and manufacturers globally in seamlessly producing products and improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

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