Mavenir Announces AI-on-5G Hyper Converged Edge Solution

Mavenir, an American telecommunications software company has today announced the ‘AI-on-5G’ Hyper Converged Edge Solution in collaboration with NVIDIA


Mavenir, an American telecommunications software company, has today announced the ‘AI-on-5G’ Hyper-Converged Edge Solution in collaboration with NVIDIA.

Mavenir has developed this solution working on the software and hardware technologies of NVIDIA. This solution will help the companies and telecom operators to implement AI-on-5G applications across several verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, mining, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), gaming use cases, and more.

The use cases of this solution can be around finding real-time manufacturing component defect detection, proactive maintenance, smart connected factories, and more such domains.

5G to Enhance AI and IoT Capabilities

5G brings a network architecture that allows enterprises to smartly connect several operations and enables AI to overlook such operations in real-time. Everything, including machines, robots, wireless sensors, and more inside a factory or a building, can communicate with each other in real-time effectively with the help of Mavenir’s AI-on-5G solution.

5G will help the enterprises in getting rid of expensive local area networks (LANs) since it is capable enough to power mission-critical applications required by business entities.

The Edge AI solution developed by Mavenir can be deployed by the telcos and other communications companies to improve their Mobile Edge Cloud offering by differentiating the services offered to the enterprise clients and network service users. The same solution from Mavenir can also be offered as a managed service for enterprises that are using private networks.

Mavenir said that this unique convergence between AI and 5G stacks is going to enable better use of the Industry 4.0 applications and the 5G networks. This solution will help the enterprises in processing all the data collected in near real-time, giving better oversight to the business activities.

AI will be able to perform much better with the power of 5G since the next-generation network is capable of offering high bandwidth at low latencies. Ronnie Vasishta, Senior VP of Telecoms at NVIDIA, said that with the security and low latency of 5G coupled with the computing power of AI, the whole industry globally has a chance to grow and increase its productivity.

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