5G Will Change The Future of Online Mobile Gaming

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5G networks will soon sweep over the world, and they will transform our technology and future into something we can’t even comprehend at the moment. One area 5G will majorly help with is online mobile gaming.

Online mobile gaming requires a network with very high bandwidth and ultra-low-latency to deliver a decent experience to the user. How will 5G help in regards to this?

Well, 5G can deliver both the requirements and even more. Right now, most of the processing of the game data is done locally on your device. An alternative to this is using a cloud server to process the data and then send it back to the device.

But there is an issue with this. Mostly, the centres for processing the game data are located at far off locations meaning if the user’s network is not good enough, the time taken by the information to reach the data centre, get processed, and return to the device will ruin the gaming experience for the user.

With the current generation networks, it is almost impossible for the users to get a good gaming experience if a cloud server is used to process game data. That is why data processing is mostly done locally on the device.

However, with 5G, it stands to change forever. A 5G network will enable lightning-quick data processing, ensuring that the time take is minimal for processing the data in a cloud server.

It would further mean that the servers won’t have to synchronise a lot of individual devices. Instead, all the data can be processed in the cloud server, and all the calculations can run on the same machine ensuring data synchronisation of different mobile devices is done rapidly and easily.

Multiplayer online games would become a treat to play then.

But this is not all that 5G will enhance for the online mobile gaming world. It will also improve the viewing experience for the audience.

Since the time online gaming has arrived in mobile, the rise of streamers on different platforms such as YouTubers, Twitch, and more is evident. With a 5G network, users will be able to seamlessly stream competitions, tournaments, and games in real-time in the highest quality possible.

Streamers would also be able to stream on different screens with the same network without facing any issues of lags.

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