Broadband Internet Browsing Is Captivating With These Tips and Features

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Broadband Connection

We all love our broadband internet connection dearly. We spend time on the internet every single day for a number of things like communication, entertainment and even learning. Internet brings the entire world to our fingertips, and it raises curiosity to learn and makes life easier for us. There is so much that the internet can do that it is impossible for us to keep track. A number of tips and tricks can be used while we browse through our broadband internet connection that makes the overall experience even more exciting.

Google’s Reverse Image Search Feature Lets You Search an Image

Google has been the most common and preferred search engine for broadband internet users all over the world. While it is commonly known how google search works, that is, by typing related keywords, you can also use google search to look for information regarding a particular image. Google’s Reverse Image Search feature allows users to search images instead of searching for text-based keywords. On uploading an image on the search engine, Google will show you information on that image and show you related images.

Switching Tabs Without Using Your Mouse

Since we use our broadband internet for browsing different sites at the same time, we often have multiple tabs open on our browser. Switching between these tabs can seem like an effort if we have to use the mouse and move the cursor to different tabs. You can switch tabs in your browser by holding the Ctrl and Tab keys together on your keyboard.

Clearing Your Browsing History Saves You from Target Advertising

We use our browser to visit different websites. These websites send cookies to our device that helps the website find our habits, likes and preferences. Websites use this information to target us with appropriate advertisements. Cookies keep getting stored in our system and reduce the speed of our browser as a result. Cookies form a part of your browsing history which also includes any passwords entered, any data saved and the sites you visited. Deleting your browsing history ensures that your browser runs smoothly and you stay away from targeted advertisements.

Creating Bookmarks Helps You Save Websites You Visit Regularly

The bookmarks feature in a browser helps you save websites in case you want to visit them in future. We visit numerous websites on a daily basis, and we might find something on a website that we want to save or use in the future; we can bookmark that website and keep coming back to it as and when needed. Bookmarks are also an important feature for saving websites that we visit regularly.

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