Huawei Wants to Make India’s Telecom Networks Safer

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Chinese telecom gear makers have faced a setback in terms of expansion and operations due to the rising privacy and security concerns. However, all the entities, including Huawei, have slashed the privacy allegations. To address the rise in new cybersecurity risks with an increase in the adoption of digital interface, Chinese gear maker Huawei has opened the Global Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Transparency Centre. As per a report from PTI, Huawei also summoned telecom regulators, customers and partners from India to ingress its global cybersecurity centre and jointly work to enhance network security.

Huawei to Improve Network Security Across the Industry

David Li, CEO of Huawei India, said the newly developed cybersecurity and privacy protection transparency centre is a result of Huawei’s regular engagement, collaborated research and innovation with its customers, partners, regulators and standard organisations worldwide. He further said that the centre is specially crafted to support shareholders from around the world by showcasing solutions, sharing experiences and facilitating communications.

With the best tools, testing environments and experts, the centre will be able to set new bars in network security. To add more, Li welcomed all the regulators, customers and partners from India to evaluate and jointly work for improvisation of product and network security services across the industry.

Several Governments Have Banned Huawei from 5G Rollout

Huawei is one of the major Chinese gear vendors that has been under the radar because of privacy concerns. The United States has made the road difficult for Huawei by banning it from its 5G rollout plans. Not only this, but the US is asking its allies to drop Chinese vendors from the 5G rollout plans and protect their network expansion. Even though Huawei has denied all the allegations, the entity faced backlash from various parts of the world.

Several governments have already barred Huawei from taking part in the 5G rollout. To counter the restrictions, Huawei has called for an open inspection of the system based on global standards. Also, Huawei is ready to share the source code of the telecom gears. Jumping back to last week, Ken Hu, who is the Huawei rotating Chairman, stated that governments, standard organisations and technology providers need to work closely to curate understanding of cybersecurity challenges.

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