Verizon Private 5G Network Product Launched in the US

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Verizon 5G Network

Verizon has been heavily investing in the next generation 5G network. In the latest development, The American multinational company has announced the launch of on-site 5G, which is dubbed as the first commercially available private 5G solution of Verizon in the US. The on-site 5G networks will be custom designed and allow renowned enterprises and public sector customers to expand Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband capabilities to indoor and outdoor facilities. The special focus will be particularly on the sites where 5G speed, high-capacity and low-latency connectivity is crucial.

On-Site 5G Leverages the Best of 5G Ultra-Wideband and 4G LTE Capabilities

Sampath Sowmyanarayan, Chief Revenue Officer of Verizon Business, said that on-site 5G opens the commercial doors for the promises of 5G Ultra-Wideband, which is allowing large enterprises and the public sector companies to customise the offering of a 5G experience in required places. The on-site 5G deployed by Verizon Business capitalises the best of 5G Ultra-Wideband and 4G LTE capabilities while keeping the interconnection to the company’s LAN, SD-WAN and enterprise applications. Also, the on-site 5G allows authorised remote user access to enterprise applications in the presence of cellular traffic on the premises.

Verizon On-Site 5G is Utilising the True Power of 5G Technology

Verizon has been known for providing customised 5G built solutions for exploratory work. Some of the companies that Verizon has worked with are Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Mcity at the University of Michigan and Corning Incorporated. Recently, Verizon has deployed the 5G network at Tyndall Air Force Base as a part of a wider network deployment campaign with the US Air Force.

Verizon is utilising the true essence of 5G technology with the help of on-site 5G by creating customisable platforms that will allow them to reap the benefits of developments in prominent technologies such as AR/VR, real-time analytics and more. Some of the prime benefits that public sector and enterprise customers will get are predictable performance, mobility, flexibility, security and all the true power that 5G offers for operational efficiency and digital transformation.

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