Apple Unveils HomePod Mini with Smarter Siri for Rs 9,900

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Apple at its ‘Hi, Speed’ virtual event launched the all-new lineup of iPhones, the iPhone 12 series. The company alongside the iPhones also unveiled its Smart Home product, 'Apple HomePod Mini.’ The smart device is the latest addition to its HomePod family. With this version of the product, Apple is said to have improved the sound quality and made its virtual assistant Siri smarter. The company highlighted that the users don’t need to worry about their privacy and security. Apple said that no personal conversations will be recorded on the Apple ID of the users. More on the story ahead.

Apple HomePod Mini Made Smarter

HomePod Mini has been developed by Apple to deliver a Smarter Home experience to its users. The company said that controlling other Smart Home devices with HomePod Mini has been made easier than ever. With the help of Siri, it was said that the users can turn off the lights in their home, check for temperature and weather outside, lock the doors and more.

In case there are two or more HomePod Minis in a single home, then they can act as an intercom for the people living in the house. The intercom feature can work with various Apple products such as iPhone, iPads, Apple Watch, Car Play, and AirPods.

Not only is the Apple HomePod Mini smarter than ever, but Apple said that it has also been made more secure for the users. Only after the users activate Siri, the commands will be recorded and stored in the Apple servers. The HomePod Mini won’t record any of the personal conversations of the users for selling the data to advertisers.

The HomePod Mini is powered by the S5 chipset which is able to recognise the unique characteristics of the music and is able to deliver a detailed acoustic experience to the users. For the iPhone users, the HomePod Mini will bring a very personalised experience with the help of Siri. It was said that Siri will be able to recognise the voice of the user and also understand the kind of music they like and the appointments they have.

Apple HomePod Mini Price

Apple HomePod Mini has been launched for a price of Rs 9,900 in India. It will be available for the users in India from November 16, 2020. The HomePod Mini comes in two colours — Space Grey and White.

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