Airtel Surpasses 1.9 Million 5G Users in Odisha

Bharti Airtel has achieved over 1.9 million 5G customers in Odisha, expanding its network across all cities and districts.


  • 5G network spans cities, districts, and villages.
  • Significant increase in 5G users over six months.
  • Ongoing rollout near iconic landmarks, says Airtel.

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Airtel Surpasses 1.9 Million 5G Users in Odisha
Indian telecommunications company Bharti Airtel announced that it has over 1.9 million customers enjoying 5G service in the state of Odisha. Airtel has deployed 5G services across all cities and districts in Odisha, the company said on Monday. According to the company, Airtel 5G network now spans districts and villages. Earlier this month, Airtel announced that it has surpassed 2.5 million 5G customers in the North East and Assam.

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Airtel's 5G Growth in Odisha

Airtel reported a significant increase in 5G users in Odisha over the past six months. The company's expansive network deployment has effectively extended its services across the entire state, enabling customers to embrace 5G, Airtel said.

Tourist Hotspots Embrace 5G

From the iconic architectural marvels of the Konark Sun Temple and Lingaraja Temple to the breathtaking vistas of tourist hotspots like Chilika Lake, Khandagiri Udaygiri caves, Hirakud Dam, and the Odisha coastline, Airtel said it continues to complete its rollout across Odisha.

Commenting on the milestone, Bharti Airtel said, "We are making significant strides in building the network infrastructure required to facilitate the widespread adoption of 5G in Odisha. We express our gratitude to our valued customers who have upgraded to enjoy the power of unlimited 5G service at no additional cost."

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Factors Driving 5G Adoption

Airtel attributed the deployment and adoption of 5G to multiple factors, including network enhancement, accelerated 5G rollout, and the increasing availability of 5G devices. The retail expansion in the region, which has increased the physical presence of stores, has further augmented consumer connectivity, helping customers conveniently upgrade to 5G service, the company said.

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