Airtel Postpaid Might Be Worth the Extra Money Compared to Current Prepaid Plans

Bharti Airtel postpaid might be more attractive than prepaid plans currently because of the recent data tariff hike

By December 18th, 2019 AT 6:30 AM
  • Airtel postpaid plans start at Rs 499
  • The Rs 499 postpaid plan offers 75GB data per day
  • There are also other benefits like Netflix and Amazon Prime

After the data tariff hike in the Indian telecom industry, a lot of the prepaid subscribers were left disappointed. Although there are some long term good effects of the new data tariff hike eventually which the subscribers will enjoy, there is little to change the fact that suddenly the subscribers have gone from enjoying extremely cheap data to paying almost one and a half times more for the same amount of benefits. This obviously means that the subscribers are considering alternative options for their calling and data needs. This is either manifesting itself in the form of change in telecom operator, or porting, or switching up the type of their plan entirely. Now, for the postpaid subscribers, there has been absolutely no hike, which means that there is no reason for them to move from postpaid to prepaid, but in the case of prepaid subscribers, there has been a hike of up to 40%, which means that there is reason for the prepaid subscribers to move to postpaid. This is what we will be discussing today. We believe there could be reasons as to why it might be worth shifting to Airtel postpaid plans instead of sticking to prepaid.


Merits On Basis of Data and Calling

The biggest advantage that the postpaid plans have over the prepaid plans is the no daily data limit. The prepaid plans from Airtel come with either 1GB, 1.5GB or 2GB daily data. This essentially means that if you are streaming a movie on your phone, then you are most likely to run out of data that day and be rendered helpless, or dependent on a data add-on pack if you need to receive messages, browse the internet or do something else. That does not happen with postpaid plans as there is no interrupted data, and the subscribers don’t have to worry about a daily data limit.

For Bharti Airtel postpaid subscribers, the customers get 75GB monthly data for Rs 499 starting a postpaid plan, which is more than enough for the subscribers. This translates to around 2.5GB data per day for the subscribers. If the subscribers were to find an equivalent prepaid plan, they would have to pay Rs 398 per month for 3GB data per day. But, don’t be too quick to make the decision and justify the price difference, because there are other benefits as well.

Entertainment and Other Benefits

Another edge that the postpaid plans have over the prepaid plans is the entertainment benefits and other additional benefits that they ship. What makes the Airtel postpaid plans truly attractive is the bundle of Netflix, Amazon Prime and ZEE5 subscription. With the Rs 499 postpaid plan and other postpaid plans as well, the subscribers get access to Netflix for three months, Amazon Prime for an entire year, ZEE5 for a year and more. There is also the handset protection as well. As you can see, the benefits on the postpaid plan are worth Rs 3,000 in terms of OTT services which is something that the prepaid plans miss out on.

Prepaid Tariff Might Increase More

There is also the fact to consider that the last data tariff hike has been the first phase of the tariff hike and it is quite possible that the companies might raise their tariffs even further in the coming days. This would mean that the advantages of postpaid plans would be more than that of prepaid. So, based on these benefits, this could be the best time to shift to postpaid from prepaid. The total benefits that the subscribers will pay for the slight price difference is totally justified for the customers. Also, on other plans, the subscribers can get add-on connections for their family members which can help them save money on their expenditure as well.

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