Bharti Airtel Plans for Massive 4G Expansion in Rural Areas

Airtel has deployed the products and services of Ceragon for additional 4G expansion in rural and urban areas along with the development of 5G network in future

  • Airtel has already deployed 4G expansion plans in rural areas
  • Ceragon Products and Services will lay grounds for Airtel’s 5G Expansion in future
  • Bharti Airtel can deploy 100 new sites each week by using multicore technology of Ceragon

Bharti Airtel has picked the products and services of top wireless hauling specialist Ceragon for additional 4G network expansion. Since the demand for broadband connections have increased in India amid the lockdown period, Bharti Airtel is planning to increase the network capacity, which will cater to the growing demand for stable connection in India. Also, the telco giant has deployed the expansion plans in rural areas and started preparing for the future 5G network expansion. As reported by ET telecom, Bharti Airtel has been planning to expand its 4G network in rural areas to directly compete with the largest telecom operator of India Reliance Jio in the span of 24 months.

Airtel Can Deploy 100 Sites Each Week

Randeep Sekhon, who is the CTO of Bharti Airtel, marked that, Ceragon offers innovative and real products and services which would aid the telco to deploy network sites faster. Also, the flexible over the top services of Ceragon will reduce the cost of dynamic network employments which will help Bharti Airtel for long-term network capacity growth in India. By using the Multicore technology of Ceragon which has the capacity up to 1 Gbps, Bharti Airtel can deploy 100 new sites in each week and expand their network coverage along with the preparation of 5G network capacity to cater future needs.

Airtel will Aid Ceragon to Deploy Microwave Radios

Since the Indian government has extended the lockdown period until May 03, 2020, to combat COVID-19, Bharti Airtel has teamed up with Ceragon for the deployment of network sites. Ceragon is working dedicatedly with Bharti Airtel to deploy its dual microwave radios. Also, the solutions and services will help Bharti Airtel to quickly fulfil the demand of network surge and prepare for the 5G network expansion in India.

Ira Palti who is the President and CEO of Ceragon stated that Ceragon’s professional services and performance provide multicore outdoor solutions and network rollout to operators who are looking to expand their 4G networks and Evolve to 5G networks in future. Also, Ceragon is offering the best services to Bharti Airtel in difficult times and aid the telco giant in its long-term network development plans in India.

Airtel Ensuring Proper Network During Lockdown in India

In other news, Bharti Airtel is providing reliable network service during the lockdown phase in India. The nation went into complete lockdown at the end of March and it will continue until May 3. Not only telecom subscribers, Airtel is also making sure its wired broadband subscribers will not face any service related issues. The company also brought a Rs 401 prepaid data recharge bundled with Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription worth Rs 399 for free. This plan will attract a lot of users, especially during the lockdown period.

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Airtel first try to give 4G services then think of 5G services in India ,also stop your frustrating AD for fastest network in India.


I learnt that Airtel was the first telecom operator to launch 4G in India in 2012 ie, 8yrs back !!

So, there’s no such thing as first mover’s advantage!

Or, may be I’m little old and I need to reincarnate & enroll myself in their University to get proper “Indian” education 😉

BTW, I’m seriously waiting to get an education that 4G is for voice call only, for internet use 5G …

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