11 New OTT Films for a Weekend of Fun With Friends and Family

Discover a diverse range of new OTT films, from romantic comedies to action thrillers, perfect for enjoying a fun-filled weekend with friends and family. Grab your favorite snacks and get ready for an exciting movie experience.


  • Tiku Weds Sheru, a Hindi love drama follows two individuals who fall in love while pursuing their dreams in Mumbai.
  • Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan is a Salman Khan leads a Hindi action film where a clash of ambitions brings about unexpected relationships and adversaries.
  • World's Best is a musical comedy about a mathematician's secret desire to become a rap artist and the challenges he faces.

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11 New OTT Films for a Weekend of Fun With Friends and Family

The OTT platforms are packed with new movies right now, ranging from adorable romantic comedies to intense action thrillers, providing you with a ton of enjoyment. You are in for a treat of interesting films this weekend, whether you are planning a sleepover with your friends or a solo binge. Grab some popcorn, a bottle of soda, and a bunch of chips to indulge in what promises to be a fun movie experience.

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Here are the 11 OTT releases from today that guarantee a weekend without boredom:

Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan

In this Hindi action film, "Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan," Salman Khan is joined by Venkatesh, Pooja Hegde, and Jagapathi Babu. The plot follows Mahavir, who enlists Tyagi's assistance to take over a neighborhood but encounters opposition from Bhaijaan, who considers the neighborhood his family. Mahavir's unexpected encounter with love opens the door to new relationships and adversaries.

OTT platform: Zee5

Tiku Weds Sheru

"Tiku Weds Sheru" is a Hindi love drama starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Avneet Kaur. The story revolves around two individuals who travel to Mumbai to pursue their dreams but end up falling in love with each other. This film was directed by Sai Kabir.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Jagged Mind

"Jagged Mind" is a psychological suspense film featuring Shannon Woodward, Rosaline Elbay, Maisie Richardson, and other notable actors. Strange visions, unexplainable blackouts, and a lot of mystery enter the protagonist's life with the introduction of a new girlfriend. The core of "Jagged Mind" focuses on how she manages all these strange events.

OTT platform: Disney Plus Hotstar

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World's Best

"World's Best" explores the life of mathematician Raj Patel, who secretly harbors his late father's ambition to become a rap artist. He almost loses everything while trying to achieve various life ambitions. This musical comedy for the whole family, directed by Roshan Sethi, also features Utkarsha Ambukar and Noah Lamanna.

OTT platform: Disney Plus Hotstar

Theera Kaadhal

"Theera Kaadhal" is a Tamil love drama written and directed by Rohin Venkatesan, starring Jai, Aishwarya Rajesh, and Sshivada in key roles. Gautham, who values family, enjoys a typical married life with his wife and child. However, everything turns crazy when his ex-girlfriend unexpectedly shows up.

OTT platform: Netflix

Kasethan Kadavulada

"Kasethan Kadavulada" is a Tamil comedy-drama directed by R. Kannan and starring Shiva, Priya Anand, and Yogi Babu. The story revolves around Ramu, his friend Balu, and his cousin Murali as they plan a heist to rob Ramu's sister-in-law of her money.

OTT platform: Sun NXT

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Kazhuvethi Moorkkan

"Kazhuvethi Moorkkan" is a Tamil political drama starring Arulnithi and Dushara Vijayan, directed by Sy Gowthama Raj. Two friends from the same village, with contrasting personalities, are pitted against each other. Who will win the battle?

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video


"Thrishanku" is a Malayalam comedy-drama that follows the unexpected turn of events when a small-town couple plans to elope and the protagonist's sister decides to do the same with her boyfriend. While trying to sneak away with Megha without his family's knowledge, Sethu must now bring his sister back home. The film features Arjun Ashokan, Anna Ben, Suresh Krishna, and other actors.

OTT platform: Netflix

Jackson Bazaar Youth

"Jackson Bazaar Youth" is a Malayalam comedy-drama starring Indrans, Chinnu Chandni, Jaffer Idukki, and others. The story revolves around a small-time local band that becomes involved in the criminal underworld.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

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Kerala Crime Files

"Kerala Crime Files" is a Malayalam web series written and directed by Ahammed Khabeer, featuring Aju Varghese and Lal in key roles. Sub-Inspector Manoj clings to the one shred of optimism he has left for apprehending criminals involved in a murder. The central theme of this series is how he locates them using a fictitious address.

OTT platform: Disney Plus Hotstar


"Kafas" is a Hindi drama series created by Subhash Kapoor and helmed by Sahil Sangha. The series stars Sharman Joshi, Mona Singh, Zarina Wahab, and other prominent actors. The story revolves around a middle-class family who celebrates a turning point before the harsh realities of life force them to turn around.

OTT platform: SonyLIV

Enjoy your movie weekend with these exciting OTT releases!

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