Xiaomi India Now Allows Customers to Track Repair Status of a Device on Mi.com

Xiaomi India is finding more ways to solve the customer woes when it comes to after-sales service. Xiaomi today announced a new feature which allows customers to track the status of a device’s repair on mi.com. Xiaomi is calling this feature as ‘Service Order Status,’ and it helps a customer to track the device’ service status online.

Xiaomi India Track Repair

After sales service in India is a huge mess and none of the big brands is looking to solve the issues. Thankfully, Xiaomi is looking to solve one of the major issues. Currently, if a customer submits his device at the service centre for a repair, he/she have to wait for a call from the service centre guy or vice versa to know the status of the repair.

Keeping that in mind, Xiaomi has come up with the Service Order Status feature. In a blog post, Xiaomi stated that the service status might be displayed in the following terms:

Under inspection: Your device is being checked
Work in progress: Your device is getting repaired
Ready for delivery: Your device is repaired and is ready to be delivered
Delivered: You have accepted the delivery of your device
Cancelled: Your service order is cancelled

However, there will be other terms as well, which will be displayed as per the condition of the device and its problem. Xiaomi has also made a new webpage where a customer can check the status of the repair, any user can easily track the status of the repair in three simple steps

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