Wondering How to Use Clubhouse? Here’s a Complete Guide

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Clubhouse, the audio-only application that grew to fame over the last couple of months, was recently launched on Android, providing access to the masses. If you, too, have joined Clubhouse recently, it might be a bit overwhelming, especially considering the UI and how it differs from regular social media apps like Twitter or Instagram.

If you wish to know about how Clubhouse works and, more importantly, how to use one of the most talked-about applications in recent times, worry not, as this article will help you to achieve this goal.

Clubhouse: How To Sign Up

Clubhouse app

The first time you download Clubhouse, you will get a prompt as soon as you switch on the app, asking you to get your username. Once this is done, you will be asked to wait until you are let onto the platform.

An alternative that is highlighted below is that of an invite, which you can get from a friend or mutual beneficiary who can provide an invite, which will allow you to join the platform in an instance.

In case you are wondering how to get the invite, you will be required to send your friend/beneficiary your mobile number, to which they will send an invite link. As soon as you click the link, you will be allowed onto the platform.

2. The second step, once this is completed, is that of allowing the platform to access your contact list so that it can follow and notify you of your contacts that might be present on the platform. Moving ahead, a prompt will be showcased that will ask you to select your interest, with multiple categories on offer.

Clubhouse Android

Some key categories are places, knowledge, sports, news, all of which have sub-sections to cater to your exact specific needs. You can choose to skip this step as well, considering that you want specific stuff on your main page.

3. The third step involves allowing access to notifications, which will allow the platform to send your prompts about when a specific hallway is online or a specific conversation is taking place.

After this, you can go to your Profile Page and select your display picture or profile picture and add your bio so that you can notify fellow users about your interests and occupation.

Clubhouse: How To Use The App

Clubhouse iOS

Now that you have created your Clubhouse account, you might be wondering how you can make use of the platform that has been the centre of plenty of hype over the last few months.

1. The first step to using the app is to follow personalities that might intrigue you and joining groups of your interest. Considering how our interests include Formula 1 and Tech, we follow profiles such as Marques Brownlee or MKBHD and certain groups where chats regarding F1 are held. You can find your personality of choice or group by making use of the search bar.

2. Once you have joined or followed people of your choice and topics of your choice, they will appear on your calendar with timings displayed for the events. From here, you can see the schedule for all the events that you have followed to know when a specific hallway is active.

Clubhouse play store

3. As soon as you find a room of your choice, you can click on the name of the room, and you will be included within it. From here, you will have two options, either to act as a listener or to talk by pressing the hand icon. The icon will raise a hand for the user who is hosting the room, who will then allow you to speak.

4. Once you are done or want to get out of the room, you simply need to click leave quietly, and you will be ejected from the room without anyone noticing, protecting the flow of the conversation that is in place.

how to clubhouse

An alternative use is to host your own room, which can be done by pressing the + icon inside the calendar section, which will then prompt you to enter an event name, followed by the host and co-host/ guest options to include people who you may want in your room.

Then, you will be asked to enter the date and time for the specific room and a description depicting the purpose of the room. With these steps, you will now be able to use Clubhouse without any worry and enjoy a platform that allows you to talk to people millions of miles away from the comfort of your home.

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