How to Host Twitter Space?

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Twitter has recently introduced Spaces for users to have live audio conversations. Even if Twitter users do not follow each other on the platform, they can still join in public conversations. Spaces also enable Twitter users to react with emojis. Since the feature is still developing and in the testing process, the microblogging platform is gradually introducing Spaces for Android and iOS users, and anyone can join in on public Spaces. However, a handful of users can create 'Space' as of now. If users want to check the development of Spaces, they must have an updated version of Twitter. To learn the steps to check the ability to create a Space on Twitter, read till the end.

Steps to Create a Twitter Space

Firstly, go to the Play Store or App Store and update your Twitter app to the latest version if you have not already. Then open Twitter and long-press the ‘Compose tweet’ button. A new Spaces icon will be visible right next to it. Click on the Spaces icon to start your Space. You can also go to your profile picture in the ‘Fleets’ section and scroll to the right side of Fleets. There you can see the Spaces option and tap on it.

More Things to Know About Spaces

The newly rolled Spaces feature will offer complete control to the hosts as they can allow any user to speak. Hosts can restrict the Space to only the invited users and make it public for all the interested users to join in. Even though various users can join an ongoing Space but the number of speakers who can speak at the same time is only 11. If you want to join an ongoing Space discussion which is visible on the ‘Fleets’ section, you can simply press on the Spaces and tap on either listener or the speaker option. But it is totally up to the host if he wants to allow you to speak.

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