Reliance Jio Will Get Its 5G Gear Locally From Samsung: Report

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Reliance Jio might get all of its 5G gear locally from Samsung. The South Korean tech giant is likely to apply for the government's Production Linked (PLI) scheme.

For the unaware, the government's PLI scheme for the telecom sector of about Rs 12,195 crores is to attract and invite foreign manufacturers to set up factories in India and produce locally.

According to an ET Telecom report, Samsung might apply for the PLI scheme and manufacture all the 4G/5G gear that Jio needs locally. Further, the company might also look to export it to other nations from India.

Samsung Might Produce 4G/5G Gear For Jio in Uttar Pradesh

Samsung is expected to deliver 4G/5G gear to Reliance Jio, its only telecom customer in India, by manufacturing the products locally in Uttar Pradesh. The South Korean tech giant may also look to export products to its other clients in other nations.

Some major companies and manufacturers such as Flex, Cisco, Foxconn, Flex, Nokia, Ericsson, and more have already applied for the PLI scheme to manufacture their products within India.

Jio has already said that it will not procure any equipment or gear from outside India for its 5G network. This move would allow the telco in staying true to its commitments.

It is worth noting that Samsung has already helped Jio build a strong 4G network pan-India, but that exclusive partnership between the two companies has already ended.

Thus, if Samsung wants to be a part of Jio’s 5G, it will have to produce within India since Jio will not include any products imported from outside. Even though Samsung is not an Indian company, if it manufactures its products in India, they are ‘Made in India’ and not purchased from outside the boundaries of the country.

The PLI scheme aims to invite more and more manufacturers to produce within India so that the country has to rely less on importing goods from outside.

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