Want to Port Mobile Number? Here is How You Can Do It

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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) offers telecom users services to shift their network provider with ease without changing their primary mobile number. Network providers have been competing with each other to offer the best packs and services from their competitors. Sometimes, users feel like changing the operator they are taking services from for several reasons such as slow speeds, inadequate network coverage in an area, or more. They can do that with a few simple steps we are mentioning ahead.

How to File SMS Request for Porting?

Users can port from their existing provider to a different one very easily. To start with the porting service, from your number, send an SMS through the messaging app on your phone to 1900. Type ‘PORT’ space ‘Mobile Number’ and send the SMS. Once you share the SMS, you will get a unique porting code. Visit the nearby store of the operator you wish to port your number to and ask the customer desk to facilitate the documents and other necessary information regarding portability. Pay the porting fees and wait for the document verification process. Once the process is completed, the store operator will provide you with the new SIM card.

Documents Required for MNP Service

MNP service requires official information and documents regarding the user. Address proof and passport-sized photograph are two important documents which are necessary for user verification. Since the process has been shifted to digital methods, users have to provide biometric verification to complete the porting process at the time of document verification and use the operator's services.

Generally, the porting process stretches around 5 to 7 working days. Until then, users get the service in their existing prepaid and postpaid connections. Once the verification process is completed, cellular connectivity stops in the current SIM card, and users have to shift to their new SIM card to continue consuming telecom services.

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