Avid Reddit Reader? Here’s How You Can Disable the ‘Open in App’ Pop-Up

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The social news aggregation and discussion website Reddit has developed a fast and responsive mobile website for its users for hassle-free browsing. However, the constant pop-up messages that ask the users to open the post or thread in the app instead of the website deteriorate users' experience. But don't worry, you can disable the open-in app messages by following some simple steps.

Uncheck 'Ask to Open in App' Box from Settings

You can easily disable the constant annoying pop-up messages with few simple steps. Firstly, navigate to the Reddit mobile website and tap the three-line menu, located at the top-right corner and select settings. In the settings option, you will see 'night mode' and 'Ask to Open in App' option. Simply uncheck the box for “Ask to Open in App”. Once you have unchecked, you will not receive pesky annoying pop-up messages in future. You will also see a message that will read “Updated Preference” which will mean the new settings are in place.

Limitations Regarding Updated Preference

Even after you unchecked the 'Ask to Open in App' option, you will face some issues with this particular problem. The updated preference of disabling pop-up messages will not be synced across all the other browsers installed in your device. The settings will be stored in browser cookies.

Thus, once you clear your browsing data, you will have to follow the same steps again to disable the pop-up messages and get a smooth browsing experience. Another limitation that users might face is that these steps will not be applicable for Reddit AMP pages that are visible on Google discover feed.

Even though pop-up messages degrade the user experience, Reddit gives the option to browse the app without any annoying messages and notifications. Follow these simple steps and have a comfortable browsing experience.

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