How to Set Default SIM in Android Smartphones

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Change Default SIM on Android

The latest development in Android smartphones offers a dual SIM feature to users. You can use the services of two different telcos on the same smartphone without any external hassle. With the help of the dual SIM feature, users get the option to select a specific telecom provider for messages and calls. If you have just purchased an Android smartphone that supports dual SIM, follow the article to the end for a detailed guide regarding default SIM selection for messages and calling purposes.

Steps to Set Default SIM for Calling in Android Smartphones

To set default SIM for calling in Android smartphones, tap on the settings options and navigate to Network & Internet or Wireless & Networks. Under the option, open the dual SIM settings of your smartphone. In the menu, you will get the option to select a specific SIM when you make a call. You can also select the option ‘Ask every time’ to toggle between both SIM cards while calling. We would advise the users to select the telco that would offer the best calling benefits and services. If you do not select any default SIM card, Android will prompt you to choose a specific SIM before every call. Some Android devices will also give the ‘Remember This Choice’ option to aid users while calling their loved ones.

Steps to Set Default SIM for Internet and Text Messages in Android Smartphones

Under the dual SIM settings, users will get the option to select a dedicated SIM card for mobile data. Users will only get one active data connection. To use a preferred SIM card for mobile data, press on the mobile data option under the SIM settings and select the SIM which you want to use for the internet. You can also switch between your operators for seamless internet services.

To set the default SIM for text messages in Android, open the messaging app and navigate to the text message conversation. Towards the bottom-right corner of the message, users will be able to see the SIM which they are currently using. Once they tap on the SIM, they will get the option to select other SIM available in their device for sending text messages. Users can also use dual SIM settings to set the default SIM for text messages.

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