FAU-G Ratings are Dropping Fast on Google Play Store, Who’s to Blame?

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FAU-G, the Made in India alternative to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile) launched in India on January 26, on the occasion of India celebrating the 72nd Republic Day. Currently limited to the Google Play Store (Android), the game is expected to arrive on the App Store (iOS) within a few months, FAU-G saw great initial recognition, with reviews reaching up to 4.5 stars. However, as is evident weeks into its launch, the ratings were all part of the initial hype, since the ratings are dropping as fast as lightning. Why is this happening? We might have an answer.

Why Are the Ratings for FAU-G Dropping?

As was being reported all around the industry, FAU-G, a week after its launch saw a dip in its ratings, with the Play Store ratings sharply declining from 4.5 stars to 3.5 stars. However, if one goes to the Play Store now and checks the ratings held by the game, it has dropped to a disappointing 3.1 stars, with the application being bombarded by 1-star reviews.

Certain reports are indicating that this drop comes in the form of PUBG Mobile fans venting out their frustration, with the users dropping 1-star reviews in massive amounts. This resulted in a decline to the ratings.

For those of you unaware, the makers FAU-G, nCore Games stated that the game was now available all around the world, rather than being just limited to India. This means that users all around the world can now play the hyped-up FAU-G game and check it out.

As for the gameplay, the initial episode of the game is centred around the Galwan Valley incident. As the days move on, the nCore Games said it will bring more modes such as the battle royale mode, which shot its competitor PUBG Mobile to fame, with new guns also being in the list of updates scheduled for the future.

This could however be another issue wherein users dropped in too many good reviews without playing the game. As was revealed on social media, certain users were giving the game 5-star reviews without even playing the game, which is not a proper method of reviewing apps. We do hope FAU-G addresses its shortcomings and is capable of giving PUBG Mobile a run for its money in the near future.

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