FAU-G Gameplay Review: Not the PUBG Mobile Alternative Many Were Expecting

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FAU-G, which was announced last September, was released yesterday on the Google Play Store. We installed the game and played it a little to get the overall gist of it and check on the graphics. First thing’s first, this is not the alternative to PUBG Mobile that many thought it would be. Sure, the multiplayer mode isn’t here yet, but after playing the initial story mode of the game, we aren’t too excited to wait for the other modes.

FAU-G Gameplay Review: Graphics

The graphics were on-point looking at the first version of the game. Since it has been developed locally, it is a moment of immense proudness for everyone in India. However, even after decent graphics, the gameplay didn’t offer much to explore around the area. We expect the graphics to improve further as more versions of the game are rolled out, and along with that, we also expect a better frame rate support. If we compare the graphics with PUBG Mobile though, FAU-G lags behind severely.

Users do get an option to increase the graphic rates to Ultra, just like in PUBG Mobile, but it doesn’t create a lot of difference is what we experienced.

FAU-G Gameplay Review: Modes and Storyline

There is only one mode out for the users to play right now. It is a campaign mode which has a decent storyline. Users can skip the storyline if they want and jump straight to the game. Do note that the location is inspired by the real Galwan Valley; however, the story is not. It is a fictional story developed for the game.

What we did like about the game was subtle Hindi narration. However, it needs to be timed a little better since, on many occasions, dialogues were coming while fighting the enemies taking the feel out of the game. In terms of weapon options, users don’t get any guns such as in PUBG Mobile.

This was a deliberate decision taken by the developers to make the storyline more authentic and Indian. Users get knives and long-swords (not too sure what they are called), to hit their opponents. The weapons offer limited hits only.

FAU-G Gameplay Review: What We Didn’t Like and What Can be Improved

The thing that we didn’t like about the game was its fighting sequence. One guy has to fight several people at the same time, and there is nothing realistic about it. The fighting moves get older within two minutes of playing, and the use of weapons isn’t exciting in any manner.

What needs to be improved is the weapon pickup time and fighting sequence. The fighting is just way too boring, and there isn’t a lot one can do in the storyline except for running straight and using the same moves to kill the same kind of enemies level after level.

FAU-G Gameplay Review: What’s Good?

So the thing that we liked about the game was its audio and delivery. First of all, it is very easy to understand what the game is about because the delivery and narration are very easy to comprehend. The audio is on point with the cold wind chiming in the ears, and the hits on the bodies of the enemies come out very real.

FAU-G Gameplay Review: Worth Playing?

Well, that depends a lot on the user. If you are someone who is comparing it with PUBG Mobile all the time, you will not like the game. But on its own, the game is pretty decent for passing the time. But we could see how anyone will get bored with it very fast. Thus, the game still has a long way to go, and the developers really need to keep the user’s attention by introducing regular updates and better gameplay experience.

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