WhatsApp Multi-device Feature Might Rollout for Beta Users Soon

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WhatsApp Multi-device Feature

The retention of social media platforms has torn the roof in the current landscape. Nearly every active smartphone user is using one of the renowned platforms to connect with their social circle. To make the platform experience premium and hassle-free, social media platforms are rolling out new features and updates to intrigue the users. In a new development, the Facebook-owned platform WhatsApp might soon provide beta users early access to its multi-device feature. We have been hearing about the development of multi-device features for a long period. It is expected that WhatsApp is rolling out a trial phase and planning to roll out the new feature to a small chunk of beta subscribers.

Early Access to WhatsApp Multi-device Feature Will be Available Soon

As reported by Wabetainfo, the early pass of the multi-device feature will be provided to beta users soon. WhatsApp will ask users to extend their support and test its various features that are currently in the development stage. Users who will sign up for early access to the multi-device feature will be able to use WhatsApp Web without an internet connection on the smartphone. Since the multi-device feature will be under the trial stage, it will have limited slots available for users. Also, all the users who wish to test the feature will have to update to the latest beta version.

What Exactly is WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature?

In case you are not aware, the multi-device feature will allow users to log in to a single account using four devices. In simple words, users will be able to use WhatsApp on both iPad and iPhone at the same time. To address the benefits and loopholes of the new feature, WhatsApp is eyeing an early beta launch. Mark Zuckerberg stated his opinions on the multi-device feature and started getting all the conversations and media sync across all the devices even after your smartphone battery dies is challenging. However, WhatsApp is working hard to ensure that messages between users remain safe even when they switch devices. To elevate the security, WhatsApp might roll out the multi-device feature with end-to-end encryption.

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