Top Five Dramas on MX Player With Hindi Dubbing

Searching for well-known Hindi dramas with Chinese dubbing? The top Hindi-dubbed Chinese dramas are available to stream on MX Player. You'll be engrossed in MX Player's extensive selection of Chinese dramas from start to finish.


  • The Untamed: Two cultivators embark on a thrilling mission against evil.
  • Love O2O: A charming story of love blossoming between online gaming partners.
  • Intense Love: A gifted doctor and an actress navigate a complex love story.

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Watch These Five Hindi-Dubbed Dramas on MX Player
Chinese dramas have become incredibly famous all over the world in recent years because of their distinctive plots, engrossing characters, and striking imagery. MX Player offers a wide selection of Chinese dramas for Hindi-speaking viewers to enjoy. Everyone can find something they enjoy on this site, regardless of their preference for romance, comedy, or action.

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The following are some of the top Chinese dramas with Hindi dubbing that you should binge-watch on MX Player:

The Untamed

One of the most well-liked Chinese dramas among Indian viewers is "The Untamed." It is predicated on Gu Man's book of the same name. Skilled disciples of two distinguished families, Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, unearth a long-kept secret. Then, following years of internal turmoil and the finding of information that has the power to change everything, they embarked on a mission to eradicate evil forces from the earth.

IMDb Rating: 8.8

Love O2O

The narrative of Bei Wei Wei, a computer science student, who falls in love with her online gaming partner - who happens to be the most popular boy at her university - is told in the charming, whimsical, and romantic drama "Love O2O." 'Love O2O' is a pleasant and enjoyable plot with lots of charming and humorous moments. Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang play the key roles in the drama.

IMDb Rating: 7.7

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Intense Love

The novel 'Qing Shen Bu Ke Yi' by Liu Mang Xing served as the basis for the drama. 'Intense Love' centres on the romantic relationship between a gifted doctor and an actress. Su Jin Bei is a well-known actress, but fame has drawbacks, and for Bei, it means a world of turmoil. Conversely, Zhou Shi Yun is a well-to-do physician with good looks who has a reputation for being a perfectionist.

The tale is significantly more intricate than it first appears to be, as the drama develops and the performance progresses. In this drama, Ding Yu Xi and Zhang Yu Xi are the principal characters.

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Poisoned Love

The romantic drama "Poisoned Love" follows the journey of three individuals as they learn to let go and grow into better versions of themselves while navigating the ups and downs of both their personal and professional lives. Starring in the drama are Luo Zheng, Ma Meng Wei, and Ao Rui Peng.

IMDb Rating: 7.7

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My Girlfriend is an Alien

'My Girlfriend is an Alien' is a renowned Chinese drama that is adored by the Indian audience. The plot of this oddball and humorous drama is on an alien female who visits Earth and develops feelings for a human boy. When the alien becomes stranded on Earth and has to deal with the difficulties of existing on a foreign planet while simultaneously trying to figure out how to get back to her home planet, the story takes an intriguing turn. Wan Peng and Thassapak Hsu play the key characters in the drama.

IMDb Rating: 8.4

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