VIDEO: RedmiBook Might Debut in India Before End of 2020 With Core i5 and Core i7 Processors

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When it comes to choosing laptops in India, people are stuck with a few choices and these include names like Dell, and HP. These two brands happen to be the most popular ones in the market right now. However, when you have to buy a laptop with a little higher end specifications, for example which come with Core i5 and Core i7 Intel processors, you might have to spend more than Rs 50,000. But, this might soon change with the launch of the RedmiBook in India. The RedmiBook has already launched in China a while back, but until now, there was no hint as to when it would come to India.


The RedmiBook in China starts retailing at around Rs 35,000 for the variant which comes with the Ryzen CPU. Of course, there is the Intel processor option as well which includes the variants we mentioned above. Even in those variants, the buyers will get the option of 8th generation or 10th generation of CPU. The RedmiBook comes in two sizes which includes a 13-inch variant or the 14-inch variant.

As for the India launch of the RedmiBook, the biggest news has come from the trademark of the RedmiBook, which was applied by Xiaomi India and now stands approved. With this trademark which was approved back in April 2019, it is expected that Xiaomi might finally bring the RedmiBook in India. If we know something, is that Xiaomi is known to be a disruptor company. Hence, with the foray of Xiaomi into the laptop segment, it is quite possible that the company might give a hard time to the other laptop manufacturers based on its aggressive pricing. It remains to be seen when the laptop would come to India.

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